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Near the end of summer I was contacted about reviewing some interesting clothing. Interesting because it combined a social network of fitness and a famous fashion designer. Say what?!

Endomondo, developer of the very popular social fitness network and mobile app, joined with critically acclaimed European designer David Andersen to launch a new line of performance sportswear. The Endomondo line featured Andersen’s creative graphics coupled with the collection’s major attribute, the ability to wick away moisture and sweat so competitors keep dry when exercising. Known for pushing the boundaries to the limit and experimenting with different shapes and textures, Andersen brings a profound passion for architecture, music and museums as inspirations for his designs. His fashions are currently worn by such celebrities as the Crown Princess of Denmark, Paris Hilton and Diddy (Sean Combs).

I love to find new and unusual things and I love to try new social networks. I had heard about Endomondo before, but I didn’t know they had mobile apps available  Or if I knew I didn’t think they were on Android, but there was a reason I wasn’t using it at the time. Haha. I most certainly did not know they were venturing into the fitness clothing market! It was my lucky day to get to spread the word. I asked for at least a pair of bottoms and a top to really test a true outfit. Not gonna lie I also asked for a jacket since at the time one was in stock I had a HUGE crush on and figured it would be a great motivator for Oil Creek.

EndomondoWomensSculptJacket02_grandeThe clothing arrived (tank top and capri bottoms) and the company was kind enough to change my order to the next size up because they believe their items run small. Very thoughtful, except I already read the disclaimer and hard ordered a size up. Ooops. Luckily the company was MORE than understanding and instead of asking me to return the shipment, they said I could pay it forward! Which is how my sister ended up with a matching outfit for her birthday. That is a HUGE compliment I can give…they are not looking to simply make money and push product. They care about who their consumers are and they want you to have the best possible experience.

Sadly, by the time my corrected order arrived I had hurt myself at the 50K and was down for the count until October. The company was MORE than understanding about the delay in my review.

When I was released from physical therapy I immediately jumped into wearing the outfit! Within a few runs I learned the top just wasn’t a match made in heaven for my body. However the capris were FABULOUS and I am still deeply in love. I’ve been wearing them every chance I get to run, including at the gym. They were the pants of feature at both my 5K for the Fall Classic as well as the Thanksgiving 4 mile run! My sister had hers on too!


Those who read my Thanksgiving review know I linked to my pieces and noted the end of season sale. Today, you will find those links are dead. In the past few weeks Endomondo has transitioned its US store over to Left Lane Sports. Why? Like I mentioned above, they care about the consumer, not the dollar and have decided to concentrate on their fitness community. LLS provides discounts to its “members”, joining is as easy as linking your Facebook account, and is a one stop shop for many fitness needs. Several of the pieces I initially fell in love with are now sold out (sorry everyone). Oddly, I found all of the pieces on sale via the UK store, but I doubt anyone wants to touch those shipping costs.

Let’s back track a second though and talk review of the products again. Remember the hook up I gave my sister? Well, she agreed to write her own review for us:

Endomondo Capri and Tank:

I really liked the pants, they fit well and are comfy I especially like the elastic at the end of each leg because then they stay where they are supposed to, I don’t have to worry about the pants sliding down or riding up. They wash fine and I can throw them right into the dryer.

The top I wasn’t the biggest fan, it was a little too big so I could see down the sides and it was long. The colors are magenta and black and it’s a racer back, it’s a cute top. Airy and comfortable to wear outside.

Overall, both are good products it’s just a matter of personal preference. Thanks for the gifts!

We had very similar ideas about both the top and bottom. The website says the sizes run big, but I did not have that issue at all. The bottoms are perfect. Very roomy in the butt and crotch (technical terms) area which too many pants aren’t IMHO. I didn’t have to fight with them in the middle of a race or in the woods to place them back perfectly to prevent chafe. For closures, there is elastic or a drawstring available. Very breathable, great in heat and when it was rainy or chilly. As Becky noted the bottoms have grips to prevent unwelcome movement. As for the top…normally having a larger chest for a runner, but smaller rib cage (34D) I find tops are either too tight or too lose. This top puckered under the armpits. I DID like the length, because I often feel self conscious when running and I think my butt is exposed and bouncing all around. The color is beautiful and the tones of the shirt are unique. When the sun hits in certain ways, it isn’t a solid black/magenta, there are tones throughout. It’s super soft and very comfortable. It will probably be moved into my yoga pile or a causal cycling top.

I did notice in the new LLS store, there are different pieces. The shorts look like they would be nice for some summer 2013 training. They even have what looks like super comfy yoga pants. Personally I think guys and gals can never have too many pieces of athletic wear (shhhh) and Endomondo is another great source. Pop on over to the store, take a look and tell me what pieces you’re hoping Santa will drop in your stocking.

Disclaimer: I was provided with product in exchange for my review. All thought and opinions are always my own.

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