My Presents Seemed to Have a Theme…

This was a GREAT year for the ROJ Running kitchen!

Back on Black Friday I crept out at all hours of the night (midnight) stalked my prey and emerged triumphant several hours later…

KitchenAid® Professional 600™ Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

My KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer from Kohl’s might be the love of my life. If you KNEW the amazing sale/price I snagged this baby for, you would probably be sick.

Next came the grand excitement of working with Unilever and discovering cookie scoops and Silpat. The scoop, Silpat, cooking rack and cookie tray were all a gift.

Silpat silicone matThen on Christmas day the following stepped into my life!

IMG_2196New oven mitts from Martha Stewart collection (red to match my decor)

Cuisinart cookie press. Check it out Sarah, now I don’t have to hire you to make the trees

A mandoline to make my own potato chips…look out ultra runs next year!

A double boiler so I don’t catch my microwave on fire

A lil ceramic bird for my pies

An apple corer…this also goes with the mandoline so I can make dried apple slices

A flour sifter, a spring-form pan, new wooden spoons, a meat tenderizer and a pie server!

Of course two of my FAVORITE gifts have pictures all of their own. My sister bought me a “Plate on a stick” aka a cake stand. Doughnuts not included, recipe to be posted Friday…

Cake stand

And my grandpa made me a spice rack! Don’t worry it’s hanging on the wall now.

Wooden Spice Rack

Over all I had an amazing Christmas. I wanted and needed new toys for my kitchen and I’m ever so pleased to have them now! I also bought myself another Pampered Chef large bar pan stoneware. I won’t lie, my kitchen is probably my favorite room of my house and I love spending time there…except for washing the dishes! Ha-ha.

I look forward to making new creations to share throughout 2013.

What were your best gifts this year? What items would you like to add to your kitchen?

4 thoughts on “My Presents Seemed to Have a Theme…

    • haha I’m a lil cookied out after the holidays, but am always looking forward to posting new recipes. Can that be my 2013 word? Recipe? JK

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