Looking Forward and Reflecting on the Past

I’ve been working with my clients for the past week on resolutions and goal setting. Not to mention it’s everywhere on social media, but I have not actually sat down and worked on my own list. Will Baum has a great PDF on how to break down your goals into resolutions and I especially like how there is a section to list your previous attitudes and behaviors which have held you back. Let me show you some of the work my IOP clients did for their boards.


I would love to make my own vision board one day…but I get the feeling it would become another half finished mess in my basement.

In general here is how I see the new year and things I would like to do for a positive change:

  • I want to read more. Not just blogs, but actual books. Hopefully an hour every day, but I’d settle for 30 minutes.
  • Be more consistent with my exercise. Not just training, but exercise, including weights.
  • Do mini 30 day challenges for myself. Such as no fast food for a month, drinking only water, or do a random act of kindness.
  • Keep a blogging calendar
  • Allow myself to date without fear of getting hurt

Reflecting on the past year:

  • I need to learn how to walk away or pause relationships. If someone is not helping me grow as a person or is holding me back, the relationship is not a good use of my time. This applies for romance, friends, and even family.
  • Whenever I start to doubt love, I will think of Emme. Think of how much pain and fear she was in during and after the attack. Think of how much easier it would have been for her to close her eyes and let go. She didn’t though. She held on because she wasn’t ready to leave yet. I have to think although she can’t say “I love you”, by holding on and getting better, actions speak louder than words.
  • If I start to doubt myself I will remember what I pulled through this past year. Maybe I tried to use a band-aid when a cast was needed. Or maybe I should be looking at the cause and not the symptoms? Either way, I did it and I will keep moving forward. Baby steps add up, that applies to all areas of life.

I’ve never been good at making 1 list for the whole year. I like to constantly evaluate where I am in life and where I want to be in the future and adjust along the way. On an excellent note…look what I bought myself. Before anyone freaks out, I got a  GREATTTT deal and it is no where NEAR the price you’re thinking. Think of it as my Xmas gift from my grandparents since they give me money. For me it’s a way of saying…no matter what happens, there is always time for treating yourself and being a little “selfish” or “crazy”. I love it…I’ve never owned a purse that belongs under a spotlight before.

Coach Purse

Happy New Year Loves….be safe. Remember: progress not perfection, you are NOT alone, and we may not be there yet – but we’re closer than we were yesterday.



3 thoughts on “Looking Forward and Reflecting on the Past

  1. Beautiful purse! I am a firm believer that every woman needs one purse that makes them feel like a million bucks. I hope you have an amazing 2013 and can’t wait to read all of your updates. One of my resolutions is to read more also. I have to read a lot for yoga teacher training and a book per month for the book club I just joined and I want to read one book on top of all that each month too. I love to read so it’s time that I make time, right?

    • Thank you. Sounds like you really have a lot of reading in front of you. I was in a book club while in grad school and I loved it. It “forced” me to read things I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself. It was actually a group of fellow students, so I don’t know how I’d go about joining one now. Good Luck with the yoga teacher training, that sounds like an exciting commitment.

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