Learning to Laugh at Yourself

I’d like to share 3 stories with you on this lovely Thursday evening. Two are about my own silliness, the last is a story I was involved with today, although not “guilty” of the task. Why am I sharing these stories? Because sometimes we just need to laugh. We need to not take ourselves, life, or others so seriously. Because I’m having a really rough week/day and I need to smile.

Story #1


A few of you caught the quick discussion I had about going to the gym earlier this week. Getting back into a routine is difficult in so many ways. Mostly it’s learning to dedicate my time differently, but it’s also very embarrassing to start from scratch. Everyone at my gym and everyone in my life has been super supportive this whole time though. Anyway. I was at the gym Tuesday night and I was nervously eyeing my weights chart. Other people were walking around with their paper, pencils, and clipboards, so why shouldn’t I?

I decided I wasn’t actually looking at anyone else or making fun of them, so chances were good no one was doing that to me either. Tightly gripping my board, as if it were a magically protective shield, I crept up the steps to the weights area. Not many people (men) were there yet so I scoped out the machines and weights I needed and set to following my tasks. Slowly 1 then 2 then a 3rd task was completed. I didn’t do anything wrong and no men were laughing. As I completed my final set of v-sits on an empty bench I stood up, picked up the stability ball and started to walk out of the weights section. Little did I know or realize there were EVIL metal bars protruding from the bottom of the weight bench. I caught my left foot and went falling forward and down..down…down to the ground. It took everything in me not to scream, swear, or start crying.

The rest of my gym session I limped from station to station while my leg turned purple and red. So far….off to a bad start.

Story #2


The picture probably gives away where I’m going with this…but spoiler alert, I did NOT actually set my microwave on fire.

Later on Tuesday night…after I almost broke my foot and I attended a Toastmasters meeting, I found myself in my kitchen making several dozen cookies for the Ohio Blogging Association’s Cookie Swap. Part of the task was to do some dishes. One of my dishes was covered/filled with hardened chocolate from making Buckeyes (recipe tomorrow). I wished the chocolate was melted and could flow right out of the cup, in my infinite wisdom I decided I should place the whole thing in the microwave. If I did this for several minutes it would MORE than be melted, right? So, I placed it in and set the timer for about 5 minutes and went upstairs to clean up a bit. When I came back down the kitchen was FILLED with smoke and my alarm started to beep.

HOLY GOODNESS. I was freaking out. I ran my detector out the front door (no, it isn’t mounted) thinking it would be quiet if it was away from the kitchen (and cold?). I opened all my doors and turned on my fan. The entire bottom level of my place was filled with a smoke cloud the rest of the night. I stood next to the microwave with an extinguisher, my phone and a HUGE bowl of water in case flames tried to jump on me. Luckily, just more smoke. WHAT was I thinking? Haha.

True story…my coat and my dog still smelled like burned chocolate/smoke the next afternoon.

Story #3

Excelling at Excel

Several months ago I “designed” a spreadsheet with Excel for my job. I basically coded the crap out of stuff to calculate our billable units and blah blah blah. Anyway. Often my coworkers stumble upon something with the computers where I am better at figuring it out. We all have our strengths. I feel honored the help desk has asked in the past for others to come to me for help before they remote help or whatever else.

So, today I received a call from one of our offsite employees. He was in a PANIC because his whole spreadsheet was GONE and nothing was working to bring it back. He emailed me copies and they seemed fine. We spoke on the phone for about 10-15 minutes, with me directing 100 different things to try. Having him go into random hidden files or whatever, all to no avail. Finally I decide I need to go to his site. See the building they work in is not on our server so we can’t connect remotely for any reason. I drive about 10-15 minutes to see him, walk back into his office to see what’s wrong and fix it in TWO CLICKS. What was wrong? He somehow accidentally minimized his main spreadsheet. Double click on the top bar and it filled the whole screen again and his information was accessible. We all had a GOOD LAUGH about that several times for the rest of the day.

I hope you all enjoyed my stories. What silly things happened to you this week?

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    • Well you have much larger dogs so I would assume to smell would be overwhelming. Maybe they would clean each other like cats? Haha

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