Do You Have A Healthy HooHoo?

‘Tis the season for planning warm getaways or simply travelling for family and friends. As we all go dashing through the snow, flying through the air or enjoying our own backyard, I’d like to take this time to remind you of a wonderful product on the market for us ladies and our “special lady bits”. Being outside of our normal environment or the quality time we spend working up a sweat can have an effect many do not understand. Normally I don’t use a special wash and I wouldn’t tell others to do it on the regular unless you have a special need or desire. However, when it comes to either travel or to sports I make an exception.

I shared some information on healthy hoohoo over the summer, and they were kind enough to send me some samples. I’ve taken the opportunity now that I’m back at the gym to give ’em a whirl and now I’m back to share information with all of you. Healthy hoohoo is super easy to carry with you, not bulky at all, and very non-intrusive when you’re in the changing room. Other ladies don’t HAVE to know what your packet is, but why wouldn’t you want to share this great product?

Reflecting on the way I opened this post…let’s think about it. Who wants to be miles and/or oceans away from home and have something go wrong “down there”? Who ever finds they are wrapping up a session at the gym or outside and notice you have run out of time for a proper clean up?

Enter healthy hoohoo with the solution(s).

Healthy hoohoo is a line of feminine hygienic cleansers free of parabens founded by Stacy Lyon.

Using what I think are the top 3 tips for the holiday season from what I posted back in August:

#1 Keep clean and wash daily. As I was mentioning above, we don’t always have the time or luxury of a proper bath. When you’re away from clean water, don’t just walk away and assume all is well. Do you do that with your hands? Try healthy hoohoo feminine wipes for a gentle clean. Also remember to avoid using harsh feminine or anti-bacterial wipes that may cause irritation.

#2 Be mindful of your clothing choices.  Tight clothing can restrict pelvic area air circulation.  If sweat does not have an opportunity to evaporate, it can open the door for unwanted bacteria.  Best choice is natural fiber underwear and loose fitting skirts and pants. Even if you’re in a hurry, change OUT of those sweaty clothes! If you’re travelling, consider taking a change of clothing with you if you’re out and about all day.

#3 Think holistically and be mindful of drinking enough water, eating fresh veggies and fruit, curbing sugar consumption (no matter how much those holiday treats are calling your name) and exercising.  Try increasing your consumption of yogurt rich in live cultures as it will help regulate your system, which can be helpful if you’re trying new or unusual foods.

More About healthy hoohoo

Healthy hoohoo is a new line of feminine hygienic cleansers created by a woman, for women of all ages. Revolutionary in its simplicity and free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, healthy hoohoo Gentle Feminine Wash ($12.99), healthy hoohoo Gentle Feminine Foaming Cleanser ($13.99) and healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wipes (single .95/10-pack $4.79) are designed to naturally restore the pH of a woman’s vaginal environment.

Founder Stacy Lyon could not find a super mild feminine cleanser and thus went to work to create healthy hoohoo.  She began to study the dangers of parabens after a friend’s breast cancer tumor biopsy came back with an alarmingly high concentration of paraben.   Prior to her informing Stacy of this harmful preservative, she had never heard of it.  This is what drove the inspiration for healthy hoohoo.

“I believe that less is more and that harsh chemicals belong nowhere near the vulvovaginal region,” -Stacy.


Several well-intentioned soaps, cleansers and wipes actually strip away some of the balanced goodness Mother Nature put down there to keep a woman’s body in harmony.  Realizing those cleansers were filled with parabens (synthetic preservatives), fragrance and sulfates (harsh chemicals that make easy lathering possible), Stacy saw the need for a healthier alternative in the marketplace. She worked with a formulation chemist to create something simple, mild and better.

Healthy hoohooproducts are tested on gal pals, not animals, and are available at select Pacific Northwest Region Whole Foods Markets, online at and at fine body care boutiques and spas.

But waiiiit there’s more! If you too would like some samples of the wipes and wash I’ve been enjoying (bad wording?), then today is your lucky day! Healthy hoohoo is giving away a sample pack to one of my favorite readers. Who? Well, only time will tell. Luckily the time is only 1 week. If you want to enter the giveaway simply leave me a comment. THAT’S ALL! Let me know why you want to try it, why you’re going to use it as a stocking stuffer for your favorite gal pal or anything else!

Leave (1) comment for entry. Giveaway ends 12/13/12. 
Update: If your name is Laura and you were comment #3 you are the lucky winner!

Hoo_winnerWoooooo-hoooo! Please send me your shipping information and I’ll make sure you are sent your prize package

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Disclaimer :  I was provided with samples and the opportunity for a giveaway in exchange for my post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I can’t get over the name, but I would be interested in the wipes. I found some from Always that I keep in my fuel belt for races – you know porta-pottys are a threat to a healthy hoohoo! 🙂

  2. hahaa. the title totally cracks me up. But i think that sounds awesome. Totally something to keep in a gym bag when a shower isn’t always an option!

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