Race Report : Home Run for the Homeless

Somewhat early on Turkey Day I rose and readied myself to go frolicking with my sister. We have done a “Turkey Trot” together I think every year since I began running in 2007. We used to do the 5 miler in downtown Cleveland. One year my car was broken into during the race and my Mom and I had our wallets stolen. My sister and I went the next year anyway (no misfortune was gonna get us down!) Well, the route had been changed and the new route went past some very depressing areas. We opted to look closer to home.

That is how we found a race in downtown Akron. A 20 minute drive compared to 45 and much easier parking/shuttle. Insanely cheaper too! Home Run for the Homeless allows you to have a “family rate” even if only two people are doing it together. Our rate? $10 each. Yep, that is all! Of course this comes with low level frills, such as no shirt and our “take away” being a pair of very basic white cotton gloves (great for cleaning your nose or to use as throwaways before a marathon). Most of the proceeds go toward supporting local shelters and there’s an option to donate money or a shoe/clothing/toiletries drive at the race.

Becky and I arrived with enough time to casually walk to the start of the race and of course I knew a bunch of people so we chatted and chilled before the general announcements. We also took some pictures.

Above we’re just being happy, below we’re showing off our matching Endomondo pants. Which BTW we both LOVE these pants. They’re the 3/4 running tights and right now, they’re on sale for $22.95!

From the start of the race we were determined to make this a FUN run. I started calling different aspects of the run various famous landmarks and as we progressed across the 4 miles, the trend continued. Along the way we saw

  • Tumbleweeds
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Grand Canyon
  • The Indy Grand Prix Race Track
  • Egyptian Tombs
  • The Panama Canal

We also heard a bird singing a song “I’m so glad I’m not a turkey, turkey, turkey” OK, maybe  you had to be there?

Around mile 2 there was a slight intermission for an emergency shoe string adjustment.

After all was said and done we finished our event in around 57 minutes, then enjoyed various post race snacks. As mentioned in my FriFood post, I personally took home 6 apples, 14 bananas and a box of Emergen-C Orange flavor.

Now some actual details about the race? Things someone might want to know if they would run it next year?

The distance is 4 miles long. It’s not flat or fast, but IMHO very walk-able  Part of the race loops through Glendale cemetery which is a route similar to the 5K I am in love with from Halloween time. Parts of the course have challenging hills and within the cemetery there’s gravel and dirt paths. One of the benefits of this route is how little time is spent on the actual roads and the cemetery landscaping is magnificent so you get a great view. Obviously the cost is very reasonable, but if you’re in it for the shirt, you should find another event. Also, this is a very large race, meaning you better be fast if you want to place. Over the years, I have found most holiday races are never easy to place at if you’re typically a middle of the pack runner. Parking is easy, free and close.  Also it is in a parking garage. On the weekends/holidays it is unattended, but it’s still better than parking on the street. (Again my opinion). The garage is close enough to walk to the start, but free shuttles are provided both from the start and after the race is over. I believe there is also a 1 mile kids’ run before the 4 mile event.

Afterward enjoy coffee, bagels, fruit, water and various giveaways. You might even have a celebrity sighting like we did this year.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday. I love reading about everyone else’s races and what they did with their family or friends for the weekend!

Oh and of course I don’t wanna forget to post a pic from the virtual races I completed. Both the Thankful Healthy Blogger 5K and Thanksgiving Virtual 5K.

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