Race Report : CWRRC Fall Classic 2012

It’s been a while since I was last able to post a true “race report” and it feels amazing! On Sunday I finished the CWRRC Fall Classic 2012 5K!

Before I talk about the main event though, you should know how I spent the 24 hours leading up to it.

Saturday I woke early to volunteer at Bills’ Bad Ass 50K, but realized I was tired and cranky and of no use to anyone in such a state so I slept in and volunteered later.

When I arrived shortly after 11 I chatted with Stacy for a while before I was greeted by the cheerful face of my good friend Katrina! She was there for me when I first started running after my heart procedure, but sadly we didn’t connect most of summer due to differing schedules and then when I saw her at Moebius she was on a roll! I obviously was not, so we didn’t get a chance to bond.

Despite my non-ideal fashion choices of the day, I agreed to walk a loop of the course with her. I changed from boots to my new Saucony Guide 6‘s and hoped for the best. BBA is a rough course. Very hilly, muddy and all around quite the accomplishment, hence “bad ass”. We covered 5 miles while talking about A through Z and then I agreed to walk an additional loop where we were joined by Gale. Katrina was hiking due to complications with her ITB. The three of us and our other friend Sue managed to get her through her final lap (although there was never any doubt). Finally I hiked the last ridiculous hill/step combo with her before she passed the finish line. Yes, boys and girls, you will be sore and you will chafe if you hike 11 miles in road shoes, skinny jeans and a push-up bra. How I wish someone would have taken a picture.

Not that there was anything to complain about, after all I spent a gorgeous day with good friends doing something I loved. If there was any issue though, all was forgiven when my lucky stars aligned and I found myself the winner of a BEAUTIFUL framed picture at the after party!

Now that you know how I spent the night before, you can see how I was a little tired going into the 5K. I have not worked out AT ALL during the Emme crisis and I was barely back on my feet a week before that ever happened.

Sunday I woke and was excited to wear my Team MARATHON BAR gear and represent! See this lovely cell phone self portrait?

The Fall Classic is a race I have done for years and years and years. I’ve also done the Spring Classic many times. Secretly I prefer the spring, since it’s not only a little warmer, but way easier to place. Just being honest.

I arrived very early to get a good parking place. I grabbed my goodie bag aka bib, ankle chip and shirt and walked back to my car.  I thought about taking a nap! Instead I turned on the heat since I was freezing and played on my phone. What did we do before smart phones?

After about 45 minutes, I wondered back over to the starting area. I tracked down Pati and was able to chat with her for about 15 minutes. I miss seeing her, but distance and schedules will do that to friends.

The race started and I decided to go with the flow, after all, it was “only” 3 miles. I had my phone as a music player and was wrapped up due to the cold. Within half a mile I had to remove my gloves, by the end of the first mile I was desperately wiggling out of my jacket. I heat up SO QUICKLY!

Of course I didn’t have my GARMIN, but my watch said mile one hit around 10:30. Mile 2 came after the water station, which I passed and also after I had to turn off my phone when Pandora crashed and it started dialing random numbers. As in not even numbers in my phone-book, just literally making numbers up. WEIRD. Mile 2 was a total of around 22 minutes, so I was now averaging an 11 minute pace.

I didn’t look at mile 3 and I was seriously not feeling it as I made my way down the final bit of path. Oh, I didn’t mention!  Saturday night, on my way to the party, I fell off my porch and rolled my ankle. Jogging down the last section of road my hamstring was screaming on the left, my rolled ankle was twitching on the right and sweat poured from my cheeks, my chapped lips were bleeding….and yet I was so so happy.

With a smile and pride I finished my race. I finished my race in 34:27, but all that matters is I ran.

Needless to say I didn’t place. After the race I chatted with Hope for a long time and then made my way home where Becky and I took her dog Howie for a hike as part of the Metro Park Fall Hiking Spree for Dogs and then did various errands. I collected a dollhouse and new kitchen island from my grandparents and saw a preview of the spice rack my grandpa made! Eventually I made it to my own home where I literally stripped all my clothes off at my front door and jumped onto the couch with blankets and my dog and didn’t move for 2 hours.

It was a GREAT weekend.

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