A Numbers Game

Most people in the fitness world know about their weight. They either know and love or know and hate the number or they’re passionate about why they don’t need or want to know the number. I’m not sure where I fall into the mix. You see I tend to know my number from here to there. In fact I refer to it as “decades”, as in when I weigh in the 130s I’m in a good decade, if I weigh in the 140s I’m not in the ‘right’ decade.  More than anything though, I don’t weigh myself anymore. I’m at an age where my height and other aspects of my body are not going to hugely fluctuate. My jeans are classics and stay in style. If they fit, I’m happy. Although according to most style guides I’m allowed to be short or curvy, but preferably not both?

As previously noted via Twitter, I started going to the gym again this week. I’ve struggled immensely with getting back on the horse. Monday I rode the horse via the recumbent bike (I hate it) while watching HIMYM and Big Bang Theory. Tonight I sucked it up and attended my intake session. Gym members are given the grand privilege of being assessed every 2-3 months for free. I am told various body composition information as well as given a guide to how I should be working out until my next check-in. Tonight I learned the numbers…and oh how the mighty have fallen since I completed the Lite Styles program last spring.

I present to you my current profile. The numbers of a 28-39 yo non-smoker with no regular exercise within the last month. Height of 60.25 inches.

Aerobic Capacity

Currently I am at 38.10 ml/kg/min this is 18% above average for my age. However, I should be able to achieve 55.48 based on my other information. How much exercise do they think I need to get there? 20-30 minutes 3-5 times per week.

Body Composition

  • Total weight: 151 (yes, I just posted it, whatever). Apparently my target weight is around 133.
    • Fat weight: 55.57
    • Lean weight: 95.4
    • % Body fat: 36.8

The report gives me certain goals, and I should strive to be at 49.57 for body fat by Feb and 37.10 by Aug. They’re giving me until Aug to make it to 133 in a healthy way.


  • Upper Arm: Left, 11.0 Right, 12.0
  • Thigh: 22.5 both sides
  • Chest: 39.0
  • Waist: 32.0
  • Abdomen: 39.0
  • Hips: 43.0
  • Waist to Hip ratio: .74 (anything below .86 is good and keeps me out of heart issues range. I believe I read somewhere too .70 is the ideal ratio to be sexually appealing to most men. Guess that explains a lot).

Coronary Risk

Blood Pressure : 106/66

Resting HR: 68


Sit and reach: 15 = Fair (I think I was up to 17 after Lite Styles)


Standing on one foot w/ eyes closed. 40+ seconds on the right 50+ on the left = Excellent/Superior (who knew?)

Muscular Strength/Endurance

Hand grip: 25 = Average

One minute push-ups: 30 = Average (Yep, considerably fewer than 70)

One minute curl-ups: 48 = Advanced

There ya have it…I go back on Saturday to work on the machines and have a personalized plan created. They also have a fun program where I can log 2x a week on their internal computers and compete for prizes after the first of the year. Should be fun, I’ll certainly keep you all in the loop. I’m just looking forward to being assessed again in 2-3 months and being back to the version of myself I’m more familiar with and comfortable with too!

How about any of you out there? Do you belong to a gym? What perks have you found?

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