2012 Ornament Exchange

Hello everyone! Thanks to all who have kept in touch with me about the state of myself and my dog. I was OK physically from the start and emotionally/mentally I am adapting. Emme (dog) is doing wonderfully! She’s using her repaired leg a lot more than predicted (which is good) and is off her pain meds. I’m thinking she’ll make a full recovery. I did track down the dog and the owner. Unfortunately, they are denying the whole thing and the police say currently there isn’t much I can do…I’ll keep you posted.

On a brighter note! I decided to move forward with my Second Annual Ornament Exchange! Last year I hosted my first ornament exchange and it was a success. You do not need a blog to take part, only a love for gift exchanges and a shipping address.

The guidelines are simple.

  • Leave me a comment or send me a message (Julie@ROJRunning.com) with your name, email, and country you live in. It doesn’t matter if 2 or 2000 people sign up, everyone will be assigned a partner.
    • I am willing to allow US and Canadian sign ups. I will keep like countries together, if enough people from another country would like to sign up I can exchange for them too.
  • Sign ups start today and run until Nov 21, 2012. This allows people to have their partners before Thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday.
  • Please have your item in the mail by Dec 5, 2012. The idea is to have your ornament in time to enjoy it the whole season.
  • Spending should be between $5 and $15 US.
  • When you are sent your partner, please contact them for their shipping address, and any special requests. Example: some people may prefer silver or do not want glass or homemade items. Please be accommodating as much as possible.
  • If you have not heard from your exchange partner by Sunday Nov 25, please contact me!
  • When you get your package, show it off! Take pictures and post to your blog, Twitter or Instagram. Leave a comment letting me know it’s up.  I’ll create a post showcasing everyone’s exchanges.
  • Remember a blog is not required, you just need the ability to buy, send and receive a package.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Feel free to scoop up this image for the link back/promotion. Please also post it to your sidebar if you have one.

31 thoughts on “2012 Ornament Exchange

  1. This sounds like so much fun. What a great idea
    I just started a blog today , but ….. ; ( I’m not quit sure I did it right
    So, email or FB ismy best contact

    • It will be fun. Were you interested in joining? Don’t want to leave you out and couldn’t tell from your comment.

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  4. I just emailed you! I’m so glad I saw this on Twitter. I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in such a long time. I think I had the wrong address in my reader 🙁

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