This picture was posted in a Facebook group from my run last week. It was the first time I ran since the 50K in August. Starting out I was convinced I was going to be slow, convinced I was going to cough and breath funny and look fat and be pathetic. This picture was taken 5-10 minutes into the run.

When I look at this picture it bring tears to my eyes. All I see is a girl in a moment where she is completely happy. I don’t see a fat girl or a lazy girl, I don’t see the girl who struggles with who she is inside and out. I see a girl running.

The last year has been insanely difficult for me in the physical health department. Recent years have been insanely difficult for me in the mental health department. When I look at this picture though, all of it washes away and all of it is put on the shelf for a moment while the dirt and rocks scatter and turn to dust below my feet, the wind dances through my hair and all that matters is living in the moment.

I will always want to be a better version of myself. But I need to learn to slow down and appreciate what I already have before rushing into the next upgrade.

Can you tell I feel very philosophical this week? What deep thoughts have you had lately?

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