Let’s Talk About Boobs

Who here likes boobs? I do! I think mine are often the greatest part between my neck and belly button. Sure they sometimes get in the way while running, but they also help get free drinks! OK, disclaimer I’ve never used my boobs for free drinks.

On a different note, yesterday kicked off October.  Meaning some people are celebrating the cooler weather here in Ohio.  ‘Tis the season of pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, haunted houses, football and costume preparation. There is also something else happening in October though and no one is excluded, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yes, you heard/read correctly, research may be limited, but males are also susceptible to breast cancer. The following advertisement from The Breast Cancer Foundation is aimed at women, asking “Are you obsessed with the right things?” However, I think it’s equally applicable to men. Are YOU obsessed with the right things on your OWN body? Are you obsessed with THINGS on women, instead of the health of the person?

It was in middle school when I first remember learning about breast cancer and self screenings. I vaguely recall the term being taught in class and thinking “Oh my god I don’t want my boobs to get all black and fall off”, but what I remember most is being told to do self screenings. You see, I developed much more quickly than most of my classmates. I was overweight at a young age so magically by age 10 or 11 I seriously was wearing a C cup bra. Things were hard for me back then and the idea of touching my body was strange. One day I was at my friend’s house and I noticed something hanging in her shower. It was a guide on how to do a self examination. Apparently the females in the house (my friend and her mother) would do an exam as often as possible. When she told me this I thought it was strange. For years I assumed my doctor would notice something and as I aged I assumed boyfriends would tell me if things started to feel differently. I’m glad I no longer feel this way and I hope no other young girl (or guy) ever has to go through the same questions.

Fast forward to my present life and I can tell you I know people both very dear to me (one of my best girlfriends and my Mom’s best girlfriend) as well as those I don’t know as closely, who have been effected by breast cancer. I’m aware not everyone is the biggest fan of breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbon campaign is literally everywhere you turn and various organizations are called out for misuse of funds. Politics aside, I hope most of us can agree, cancer of any variety is not a good thing, and anything we can do to learn more and find ways to assist those who have been diagnosed is a good thing, right?

I emphasize the need to do self screenings, to visit a doctor regularly for clinical screenings and to take the disease seriously overall.  Which is why, when I was contact by Chevy to help promote their #Drive2endcancer campaign, all I saw was the chance to spread good in the world.

Join your Chevy Network Dealers in the fight to end breast cancer. For every test drive on October 6th, Chevy will contribute $10 to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative, up to $130,000, and you’ll receive a beautiful pink pashmina.

After you test drive an awesome Chevy, walk away with your stylish new scarf and enjoy the happiness of knowing you’re helping a good cause stop by ROJ later in the month for another exciting announcement from Chevy and how they’re continuing to support breast cancer research.

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #drive2endcancer on Twitter or head on over to the book of faces and “like” Gotta Love Chevy NEO.

Disclaimer: Chevy is compensating me for my promotion of this project, however I honestly back the initiative and sincerely hope others will too. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Boobs

  1. I’ve been meaning to do a post on boobies too. I had my “lumps” discovered in August and had a pretty unpleasant month of waiting around, to have an “okay!” at the end of the month.

    PLEASE feel your boobies up. I felt my cyst in the shower; then the doctor found the second, smaller one.

    All is well, for me, right now. But please, make sure you check it all out for yourself.

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