I’ve ‘Got’ a Crush on Milk

Some may recall a year or two ago, I applied for a sponsorship with Team REFUEL of Got Chocolate Milk? As part of that process I submitted an essay and application, then if I made it to the next round (which I did) I sent out a link to all my friends and family and begged for votes. I was so convinced I was going to “win”, when I did not I was devastated.

Now the team is once again recruiting, but applications and voting is different. In order to apply, you must create a 30-45 second video explaining how you refuel with chocolate milk and why you deserve a sponsorship. I made my video while at FitBloggin in September and am pleased to once again be featured for votes!

Voting is open once per day every day (limited by IP address). With each vote $1 is also donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which makes it easier to pimp out to everyone each day because I’m doing something for more than just myself. Please vote for me <—click the blue.

Here is the official 411 from the website:

Each month, five individuals will receive Team REFUEL sponsorship: technical training gear, $500 in sponsorship money, the chance to compete for the Team at destination races in the U.S. and in Europe, plus the chance to star in a “got chocolate milk?” ad. Take a look at the competitors to the right and cast your vote. For every vote, $1 will go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

If you don’t watch the video, let me explain in my own way WHY I want THIS sponsorship…

It probably comes as no surprise to people I have some weird issues with food. I’ve learned to adapt and for the most part it isn’t too bad anymore when I’m on my “home base” and I know where to eat and what to order. However, given what I have issues with (coconut, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil and palmitate) this cancels out MOST preserved food (think any boxed/bar foods) and a lot of various dairy. All of this means I am limited to which food/drink products I can use when working out or even in day to day life. In all honesty I tend to do water while working out then hit a drive through for a Coke. When I plan ahead though I need my Gatorade. When I really plan ahead I LOVE chocolate milk! Of all the milk products, whole milk does not have palmitate in it, it’s delicious and when you add chocolate to it, it’s perfection. IMHO.

Chocolate milk for me is the best option because it does have the calcium, carbs and protein other beverages don’t offer (for me). In the summer I can keep it cool so it’s sweet and refreshing. In the winter I can heat it up so it’s creamy and warms my center. While at the conference I spoke with some people and we discussed adding different McCormick spices to make it “Mexican Hot Chocolate” and other fun varieties.

There’s more to it then simply wanting a random sponsorship though, and even more to it then wanting it for a product I honestly use and support. You see, I’ve had a love affair with milk since I was young. Who remembers the Got Milk? Ads? Did any of you actually collect and trade them? I know this was a thing because I would dial into AOL and check the message boards and swap information with people on which ads they had and which of mine they wanted. Please take a moment to read the last portion and appreciate how old it makes me sound.

Got Milk? Taught me internet and message board etiquette  It helped me to learn about the post office and various sized shipping envelopes and how you don’t fold things when you ship. It helped me to build bonds with others virtually and find a world outside of my own zip code. My room was covered in ads and those ads were there until I moved out. I’m sure Mom misses Tyra from her modeling days and Dennis Rodman staring down from the walls.

Tyra hung proudly above my door for over 10 years

When I was in college I wrote a paper about advertising and images aimed at teenagers. I compared the ads and images from the “Got Milk?” era to the revamped “Body by Milk”. It was fun to look at old inserts and do research on who the newest celebrity crazes were. A few years ago there was a “Got Milk?” booth at a health fair Gale and I attended. Naturally we snapped a picture with our “mustaches” and an inflatable cow!

Landing this sponsorship would mean more to me then the chance to be noticed, the chance for “free clothing” or “free products”. Landing this sponsorship for me is a connection to my childhood and connection to a part of me I never want to give up no matter what happens along the way. Being a part of team REFUEL, when out on the course I will be proud to stand behind a product I’ve used my whole life and keeps me grounded and reflecting on my roots. Drinking and representing Got Chocolate Milk, Team REFUEL would make me feel like a superhero! Until then though, I can always sport my “cape” in training.

Side bar….for those with allergies other than mine who don’t support this product. At the conference the team REFUEL speakers mentioned they support “chocolate milk” in all forms. Use rice, coconut or soy if you must. Just realize the nutritional components may be different.

So please, visit my page and drop me a vote. Share my link and share my desires with your own friends and family. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

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