I’ll Never Get A Tramp Stamp

It’s been a while since I sat down and went into details on where I am in the physical fitness realm of life. Partly because I didn’t have many answers and telling people what “might” be wrong or what “seems” to be the issue only leads to people telling me about their own injuries past or present and I as horrible as I may sound, when I don’t have answers the last thing I want to do or can do is be sympathetic toward someone else’s.

Luckily I have finally made progress in my area of life and it’s amazing, simply amazing how quickly the body adapts and how obvious it was the amount of stress I was walking around with day after day.

Quick back-story. Yes, I pulled a hamstring at the Moebius Green 50K at the end of August. However, I was dealing with what I thought was IT band issues, piriformis and possible sciatica since the spring. I have not be able to fully extend my left leg since last winter. This makes shaving and putting shoes and socks on super amounts of fun. My injury last month led to X-Rays, which showed no signs of breaks or fractures or any bone issues. This led to sports medicine and physical therapy, but still no answers.

Obviously not me, but a cool x-ray picture regardless

PT and SM indicated I probably have piriformis, but possibly sciatica and the hamstring was its own thing completely. Working with PT I’ve made in my mind very little progress. We learned back bands make things feel better and she assigned me walks to do with a resistance band and special push ups. While at FitBloggin I walked a 5K and parts of it KILLED me. I have been kept awake at night from the pain (but that’s been this whole year).

Wait rewind, I HAVE been telling people and medical people about the pain all year, they kept saying I was fine. OK moving forward…so aside from those things I was not allowed to do any other fitness. No biking, walking, swimming, weights, whatever. Because they thought I might have nerve and muscle damage and we didn’t want to create any larger issues. Thus I’ve been literally sitting around eating chocolate. While they didn’t TELL me to eat chocolate I am an emotional eater and the sweet sweet goodness of chcolate was making me just a tad more happy.

Two days ago I finally made it in for my EMG/NCV tests. I made the mistake of playing with Google and talking to others before and was SUPER NERVOUS. I took my Mom with me in case I couldn’t drive home and I prepared to cry and be in pain.

Once in the room the doctor and I chatted a moment or two, then I changed into a hospital gown with my pants and socks and shoes removed (underwear stayed on). Laying on my stomach or my back he conducted the test. It started with me on my stomach and the first part involved using a device to send currents through my nerves. If you have ever had laser hair removal, it was similar to the snap/pinch when the wand is used. Nothing very painful, nothing warm or weird at all. I felt the current zap out my toes or something. ZERO discomfort a majority of the test. When he tested my quads it was uncomfortable, but not painful, but I have been having problems with those all year.

My NCV/EMG was like this, except on my leg

The next test involved the small needles and testing the muscles. On his first try it was the most terrible thing ever (in that moment). He began with my quad and my muscle seized up and completely felt like the world’s worst charlie horse (cramp) I immediately broke into tears we waited for what felt like forever to move on. He told me we have about 12 more to go and I wondered if I could hold out. We tried the next one, and guess what? No pain. There was not a single issue in any other muscle group except for my calf (also tight) which hurt almost as badly as my quad and then my lower back didn’t feel great, but there were no tears at least. I remember thinking to myself, “Well, if this doesn’t feel great with one needle prick from the tiniest needle ever, I most certainly have no business ever getting a tramp stamp”.

My results? Normal. No signs of weakness, or damage or reduced anything. 100% normal. Also no signs of sciatica. This is all AMAZING news! PT still doesn’t want me doing anything too physical and I go for my follow up with Sports Med this Friday. HOPING to get permission to start doing ANYTHING. Walking on the treadmill? Stationary biking? Please, something? In the meanwhile I am doing the GrowSoulBeautiful 31 days of Yoga challenge. Follow along on Instagram and/or the hashtag #YogaADay

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  1. So glad the tests came back normal. Really excited to have you participating in the October Yoga photo challenge. NAMASTE!

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