Halloween Weekend 2012

Don’t you love my creative post title? This past weekend is the time I spent celebrating my favorite holiday!

Things kicked off Thursday night when I went with Ian to his roommate’s boyfriend’s party. I was a terrible mess from stress at work and I was not very nice company. Not to mention I had some of the worst cramps I’ve ever experienced and I become very animal like around new people. Meaning? I want to hide in a corner with eyes the size of saucers and bite anyone who comes near me. Strange, but until I know you I have vomit-inducing fear of strangers. That is unless I’m giving a speech or I have any type of power or responsibility, then I’m golden. We stayed a few hours, before he took me home.

Friday, Ian broke things off with me. Can’t say I blame him, but can say it was crappy to do it over text message and to do it the day before my Halloween party. Mr B did that 2 years ago and I’m still bitter about it despite how close we’ve remained.

Saturday…the day of the party! Some of my last minute ideas didn’t work, which is why I need to stop with the last minute ideas, but in the end it all came together nicely. I was Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The dress I saw online a while back and fell in love. Of course if I ordered it a lil small it was $13, if I ordered it in the right size it was $45. Soooo yeah, I squeezed myself into that crap! Haha!

I arrived around 800 and started with the drinking and the socializing. Sent a few texts I probably shouldn’t have…and then ended up not drinking and leaving by 100 with Tom. We crashed back at my place after the party. BTW it’s really great when people bring up crap you did like 2-3 years ago and it wasn’t your finest moment. I can say I held myself together quite well for the whole sad + alcohol = bad news equation. At least I think I did. A few friends I haven’t seen in a lonnnng time were there and it was nice to be reminded of who I am and who I want to be. While break ups can make you question who you are and if you’re “good enough”, friends you’ve had for nearly 10 years can step in and save the day without even meaning to do it.

How did you spend the weekend? Are you Halloween costumes hung up now or will you being doing something on Wednesday? We have a luncheon at work and are allowed to dress up, but that’s about it.

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