A Mile Is A Mile

Last night I was able to get out and run for the first time since August when I hurt myself at the 50K. Yes, technically I ran the mile last week at physical therapy on the track, but this was outside, with people, at an event. I went over to the CVNP Fall Running Series. I’ve already missed the first two weeks, although really I could have gone last week, but I was too nervous to go alone. Tuesday night is the “competitive” night and most of my friends have opted to compete. Wednesday night is the same course, only no points or idea of “racing”. In fact one woman had her dog there, so next week Emme will join in on the fun.

A lot of people list the gear they wear or use, so let’s try that here! Photo snapped after the run so forgive the messy look. I have one my Bondi Band head band, my new Endomondo shirt, techGear pants from Kohl’s and you can’t see them, but Reebok socks and Asics shoes.

Each week we go to a different location and have a different set up or “challenge” for the event. Last night there were about 10 versions of the course all varying from fairly easy to hilly and technical. The goal was as many miles as possible within 48 minutes. This was a good goal because I didn’t have to worry about being out there for hours on end and I did not need my headlamp! My personal objective was to keep it under 15 minute miles (as it always is it seems) so I figured one solid loop of the 3 mile course and I’d be good to go.

The first mile I was really pleased with myself. I was slowly picking up steam and picking off other runners. I felt like I could take on the world! Around 10 minutes into it though, I found myself walking up a hill. A few minutes later there was a stretch of hills and grasses were I kept rolling my ankle. Decided it was better to walk/jog that section too. For about a mile the grass and mud and roots were a little above my footing skills since I’ve been MIA so long. Eventually it evened out again and I was back to running, although it seemed to be in slow motion! My thighs also BURNED. Like as if I had peed my pants burned. Couldn’t figure out how or why. Then I felt it. My pants had ripped open! YIKES! Both thighs were exposed and rubbing each other. Guess pants are not designed to last 5 years and be worn prettttty much every other day the whole year round. Nice life span though pants, but couldn’t you have waited until we were done?

Finishing the run felt great. I maned to complete in 42 minutes, well below my time goal and I thought I had stuff left in my tanks. My left leg was a lil sore then and is a lil sore this morning, but I am hoping some TLC and discussion with PT will fix the issue and prevent further concerns.

OH and guess what else arrived yesterday? My new road shoes. I am very lucky to be test running Saucony’s Guide 6’s before their general release on 11/1/12. Loving the color scheme! Well see how these puppies hold up over the next few weeks. Kinda quick on the review, but I know people will want to grab these when released, so initial thoughts are better than nothing at all, true?

OK go out there and have fun and remember whether it’s a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it’s still a mile.

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