Product Review : Headsweats Protech

I am a Headsweats girl.

My “go to” hats. All Headsweats brand. Not pictured my Grunt Girl Racing hat…go to #4 which is hiding currently…

Perhaps this is a little by default, perhaps this is a little on purpose. And maybe you’re a Headsweats girl or guy and don’t even realize it!

I recall my first race where I wore a typical baseball hat design. The entire 5 miles I was hot and miserable among other issues. My aunt who was into tennis at the time recommended I buy a “Headsweats” visor. Desperate not to have my head fall off, I took the advice and planned to seek out a visor with the built in sweat towel. Luckily I came across a visor or two in giveaways, but I also quickly learned I was not a visor girl. My scalp would still burn and I never perfected the fit. In fact I couldn’t even find any visors to snap a picture of what once was.

Over the years I’ve mastered the fine art of wearing my Headsweats hats. I knew exactly how to wear them so my ponytail slipped out the back, but I didn’t have the wear an elastic tie meaning no headache and no hair breakage or awkward kink. I knew how to manipulate the sweat band for optimal comfort and moisture guard. In fact it wasn’t until a year or so ago I even realized other types of hats existed! It doesn’t matter though, because so far they have all been no match.

What you see above are three of my Headsweats hats. On the right (yes we’re changing it up here) is the first hat I bought after I noticed visors were not cutting it for me. It’s lightweight and grey and great for tossing on with any “outfit”. Originally it was my triathlon hat. In the middle is part of my uniform for Marathon Bars from 2010. They sadly switched companies this year, but I wear my older hat proudly and comfortably. My other team Grunt Girl Racing did the right thing and went with Headsweats! It’s a lovely white hat with red and black letting. Finally on the left is my newest love. My Headsweats Protech!

I have been wearing this thing ALL SUMMER. It’s fantastic! See, the back covers my neck meaning I do not have to worry about the sun burning me as badly (I still wear sunscreen though) and as a trail runner I do not have as many bugs and other icky things hanging around my neck either! You can see in the top right corner, the “tail” of the hat does tuck up easily for a more traditional look. The back has a cinch design instead of the normal Velcro adjustment. I like the cinch because I can really get it tight against the back of my head or I can easily adjust it when I’m running without fear of getting any hair caught in the Velcro. It also easily adjusts to my chosen hair style. When I have short hair it works. When I wore a ponytail or a bun? It more than easily works. Seriously my new favorite piece.

What else can I say about this hat or the brand? The hats I’ve worn have all been very lightweight, even the black does not create a heat trap. Each run I feel the breeze, but I never fear the hat isn’t secure. Each one is great with adjustment, and the sweat band is often a miracle. Only the front has the sweat band, which is great for when you wash it because the whole hat isn’t soaked and it dried quickly. Oh, please remember to wash your hats! Think about it…all the sweat and germs each run being placed against your forehead each time? Don’t be silly. Here’s a shot of the inside of my Marathon Bars hat to give you an idea of how the band works.

I’ll be honest, I don’t ALWAYS wear a hat. A lot of times I’ll go with a headband, but when I do wear a hat this is seriously the only type I have found that works for me. Other hats either blow away in the wind or allow too much sweat to drip into my eyes. There are time’s I’ve worn a sweatband under other hats and that’s just a disaster and a half. Save the crafts for Pinterest and do yourself a favor and invest in a Headsweats hat. In fact it’s not even an investment since they’re reasonably priced. According to their website the Protech is only 26.00. With as much as I’ve worn the thing this summer that’s like pennies for every use and that’s only in one year!

I leave you with this collage. Places I’ve worn my hats over the years. It’s been to Cleveland, Youngstown, and even Virgina Beach! Like I said, I love my hats.

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FTC Disclaimer : I was provided the hat for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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