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2012 seems to be the year of the mud runs. I personally took part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Indy in May, and was supposed to take on Warrior Dash the weekend I hurt myself. Close friends of mine have done other WD’s or even Tough Mudders and all around the US other mud theme runs or “fun” runs like The Color Run have popped up.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find this AWESOME. Which is why when another mud run announced they were coming to town, I was nothing short of ecstatic!

A few weeks ago I took part in a Twitter chat about the new race and learned they have similar qualities to other events, but they are still finding stand on their own. Pretty Muddy (follow them @Pretty_Muddy) is an all female event, focused on giving the ladies a bit of a “time out” from our super busy lives and a chance to let loose with our friends or family or make new friends while also getting a little dirty. Are you a busy SAHM or even a busy working mom? Are you a college student working and reading and barely sleeping? How about simply a female who takes on the world in her own way every day? Then PRETTY MUDDY wants to see YOU out on the course. Heck I bet even if you’re not a busy gal they would love to see you out there.

At the moment there are only a few races along the east coast, but more are on the way! Their inaugural event took place last weekend in Chicago. Who went? If you head on over to their Facebook page (keyword Pretty Muddy) users have started uploading pictures from the actual event. There are still the obstacle previews as well:

I remember doing the cargo net climb before and it was intense. Seems like a signature piece and might seem like a piece of cake, but for someone afraid of heights, that kicks in awful quick. And with bunches of other people climbing the ropes, they aren’t as steady as you might imagine! Not to mention if placed correctly on the course, you are T-I-R-E-D and don’t want to climb all the way up there! Don’t worry that’s all in good fun.

Interested in where the other events will be held? Well, my Ohio friends some of us are in LUCK because at the end of the month there will be an event in Columbus! Yippie! Sept 29th they’re setting up the course and thousands of women will gather to rejoice in all things silly and muddy and PRETTY! Register at Eventbrite. Richmond, Tampa and Miami you also have events in October or November.

Ready to get your Pretty Muddy on? Don’t register yet! Turns out there’s a bit more exciting news up my sleeves!

I am able to give one lucky reader a FREE entry to the event! Yep! I was going to go, but was unable to attend due to my injury so the nice people with Pretty Muddy said I could still host my giveaway! Awesome, right? If you want to enter please do this very important and complicated task: Leave a comment. Yep, just leave a comment.

The winner should be announced a week prior to the event (Sat 9/22), but given I’ll be at FitBloggin I may not post until Monday (9/24).

Too excited to wait? Or too nervous you may not win? That’s OK too, I have a discount offer. Anyone who enters the phrase “ROJRunning” will receive $10.00 off their registration.

Hope everyone has a blast who attends, make sure you send me lots of stories and pictures.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided with a free shirt, the ability to giveaway 1 entry and discounts in exchange for writing about the event. All thoughts are my own.

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