Friday Food : ROJ Fiesta Bowl

While at McCormick we were presented with a little challenge…show the world how you spice up your favorite dishes. Spice up your dishes doesn’t have to mean “hot” spices either folks! According to their website you can spice up oatmeal with cinnamon, eggs with black pepper, mashed potatoes with garlic powder or grilled cheese with oregano and BAM you have a dose of antioxidants. In fact if you are intrigued by the idea of using spices for additional antioxidant power, they have set up a 30 day challenge complete with tips and a guided calendar.

I spent the rest of the weekend and past week plotting and searching and agonizing over what I could create or revamp to WOW the world with my brilliant spice incorporating skills.

Finally on my way home from physical therapy, where I almost fell asleep while in the stretching rack, and wondering how I was supposed to invent a famous recipe, clean my house and shave my legs all without letting on to my level of exhaustion, it hit me…the point of the Spices for Health campaign and #GenFresh isn’t to reinvent the wheel. The purpose of the campaign is to show people how home cooking can be fun and healthy…to share with each other how to use the skills and knowledge we already have, with slight and easy enhancements.

Enter my revamped recipe, the ROJ Fiesta Bowl aka I eat rice and beans more than any other food. People always laugh when they ask what I eat with all my food issues and I say “rice and beans”, or they think I’m trying to seek pity. Honestly, I LOVE rice and beans. At any given time I have 10+ cans of black and pinto beans in my cabinets and a huge container of brown rice. Add in whatever mix-ins I have in stock and TA-DA a delicious meal. How can I take my staple to the next level with McCormick? Well, check this out…

ROJ Fiesta Bowl

Mexican Rice and Beans

What you will need:


  1. Prepare rice as directed
  2. Rinse and drain beans, warm in sauce pan
  3. In a skillet, brown the ground beef and seasoning if you’re using it, otherwise combine peppers, tomatoes and seasoning and sauté
  4. In a bowl distribute your desired amount of rice, then each type of bean, a serving of the veggie mix and some ground beef. Top with spinach,yogurt (in place of sour cream) and cheese as desired.
  5. ENJOY

Comments & Photos:

Mexican rice and beansMexican rice and beansI think you can really see how beautiful and fun the layers of this dish are in the plastic container…yay taking food for lunch to work!

See how quick and easy my many many many night staple can be for lunch, dinner or any time? Use whatever veggies or meat you want, use as many or as few toppings as you want. Don’t forget to experiment with different spices. I found a packet of salsa mix which was apparently discontinued in 2010 or 2011 which makes me question my local grocer…however you can easily add to tomatoes and other veggies along with one of the newer packets of mixes for a more traditional “Mexican” appeal. Or use black pepper, red pepper, paprika, cumin, chili powder or anything else to find your own special bland.

Beans have a ton of protein, as does the spinach and yogurt. Veggies have carbs and so does the rice, which also is a whole grain for the meal. Lean beef ups the protein level again and spices just make it all that more beneficial for your health!

How do you take your favorite recipes to the next level with McCormick?

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