Friday Food : Fruit Roll-Ups

Today I am bummed because I am not up in Michigan preparing for a crazy weekend of Peace, Love & Running. However, I am preparing for a crazy weekend of sleep, baking and crafting. I guess one can’t be too upset though? There’s always next year. For those who are running, good luck and for everyone who is active in any version, perhaps today’s recipe will tickle your fancy.

When I saw this on Pinterest I thought “You’ve got to be kidding me, there is NO WAY these are ONLY fresh fruit”. So I clicked away and was lead to who found it elsewhere etc, etc, etc. And now I am sharing it with all of you!

Fresh Fruit Roll-Ups AKA Fruit Leather

What you will need:

Fresh or frozen fruit

*2 cups of fruit will cover about 2/3 of a standard cookie sheet and made 6-8 strips


  1. Set oven at 140 degree F. If oven does not go that low 170 will work, it is what I used
  2. Combine fruit in a blender and mix (You can actually skip this step)
  3. Pour fruit into a pot or sauce pan and cook until it forms a puree (Think apple sauce)
  4. If fruit has seeds feel free to run through a sieve at this point
  5. Distribute puree onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, one that has been greased or onto non-stick stoneware as is my preference
  6. Form mixture into a rectangle now or wait until the end to cut into shape
  7. Place in oven with the door open approximately 6-8 inches to increase airflow (Remember the point is to dry the fruit, not to cook it)
  8. Allow to dry in oven for 5-8 hours
  9. Fruit is ready when edges start to curl and easily pull away from surface. (Be cautious not to over cook and dry out your product)
  10. Cut leather into strips and roll up using wax paper….ENJOY!

Photos and Comments:

If desired add lemon and sugar to puree for color and/or taste

Search the web for fun combinations of fruit for flavors and colors…not all fruit will make a good leather. I used blueberries and cherries, 1 cup of each. I want to try apples and bananas or ones with spice in the fall. Hello Apple Cider Roll-Ups?

I love the idea of dried fruit because it won’t spoil as easily when I leave it unattended all day long in my office. It is way easier to carry around and have with me on a long run than real fruit and when I make it myself I have the perfect flavor and nothing sugary or artificial

Yes, it takes a LONG time to dry. This requires being at home a LONG time or if you live in a warm(er) area, leave them outside to dry in the sun, just protect them from curious health conscious critters.

Did you love fruit roll-ups as a kid? Do you love to make your own all natural treats? What would be your favorite flavor combination?

7 thoughts on “Friday Food : Fruit Roll-Ups

    • I did make them. They were great! Really aside from the time of waiting for them to dry it was super easy. I bought more fruit this weekend to do a few more batches. I’ve been thinking about investing in a dehydrator even I love the idea of fruit leather or dried fruit that much

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