FitBloggin’ 2012 Pre-Game Show

A lot of people I’ve talked to lately and probably various social media sources have found me chatting it up about FitBloggin this year and how excited I am to be leaving on a jet plane Thursday morning for Baltimore!

I have been to Baltimore one other time. It was many years ago and I did not fully enjoy the experience. Not because we didn’t do anything fun, but I was going through a moody period and I didn’t like my family and I was way too enmeshed with my boyfriend at the time. However that trip IS where I managed to achieve the world’s greatest photo.

Yes, this was in the children’s section of the zoo. Yes, I was stuck for a while after. Yes, it was funny to all involved including myself. Yes, I now understand I have “womanly curves aka hips”. Nope, the last one is a lie, I still frequently find myself stuck places. It’s part of my charm.

At any rate…Baltimore is cool and I’m ready to be out of Ohio for a moment. I get antsy when I haven’t spread my wings in a while.

I am also super excited about the conference itself! Hello! Blogging and Fitness and FRIENDS all combined? Excellent idea, I’ll take two please! The last time I went to a conference was 2011 in Pittsburgh for counseling. I have fun at those things, but it was also stressful because people network for jobs with impending graduation. While at FitBloggin I plan to network, I plan to make and build relationships, but I also know at the end of the day (for me) my career is stable and satisfying and not at all influenced (right now) by what I do at this particular event.

What’s on the agenda? Well, here are some highlights of what I will be doing based on the released schedule of events. Please take a moment if you can and thank ALL the sponsors, even if I do not mention them, others will love their involvement.  If you’re a Twitter person, here is a link for your following pleasure.


  • Boarding a plane around 630 in the morning. WOW super happy fun times!
  • Arriving in Baltimore and finding a way to the hotel and leaving my luggage. Probably too early for true check-in.
  • At NOON I’m gathering for a sweet sweet tour of the McCormick Factory.

  • We’re looking at Spices for Health and will be there from 12-5. I really hope this is like other places where there is merchandise and stuff to buy after. Not kidding I will be sporting a McC hoodie and Mom has already requested one too! FYI McCormick joins Twitter Sept 20! Follow the tag #GenFresh all week to stay up on the latest while we’re at the conference.


  • Sadly I probably won’t be allowed to do any of the early workouts…so I’ll either sleep in or go anyway and be an innocent bystander and blog about what everyone else is doing.
  • My day will kick off at 900 with Refuel : Got Chocolate Milk?

  • I applied to be one of their ambassadors in 2011, and despite all my friends and family’s best voting efforts did not make the team. I was crushed. However, I fixed those blues with some chocolate milk! Ha! Really though, I am a big fan and I know not everyone is, but hey to each their own and I’m excited to learn more and interact with the brand. I did notice it’s “low-fat” chocolate milk, meaning I won’t be able to drink any (palmitate), but it’s all good.
  • Session about Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner. I love beef, it’s what’s for dinner at least once a week. My favorite beef comes from my friend’s cows and I like to name them things like “Big Mac” and “Whopper”. If you’ve never had fresh beef, you have never really had beef. IMHO.
  • Snack break! Time to scarf down some Eggland’s best! I don’t care what brand you buy, how can you not think of the ILoveEgg song when you eat an egg?
  • Keynote mash-up, which includes the local and wonderful Lyn of Life Lyn Style!


  • I really really really with sugar and a cherry on top want to go to the JumpSport trampoline class. I highly doubt PT will give me the OK for it though. Sadness. I will go anyway and be a creeper in the corner.
  • After creeper time is done I will feel much better when I learn about Quitting without Saying the Word. Please note…I LOVE my current job. I am no where near interested in quitting. However the day may come when I want to branch out and it would be nice to know how to do things politely.
  • Later in the afternoon I make my grand debut as a live blogger with Alicia’s session: Taking Your Online Community Offline. Yes, full disclosure I am getting a free conference registration for doing the live blogging bit. However the experience is very important to me regardless. I applied to be a speaker this year and obviously was not accepted. I believe being helpful and getting my name out there may help for 2013.


  • Possible 5K? Maybe I can do the shorter walk. MAN I hate injury.
  • Goodbye breakfast.
  • Fly out of Baltimore around 300.

As you can see I will be keeping B-U-S-Y! So much planned and so much to do impromptu as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE I will be spending 3 days doing what I LOVE the most. Health and wellness and fitness and blogging! 3 days of hanging around in my workout clothes and taking pictures and writing down notes, sending tweets, playing with Instagram and everything else.

How did one girl get so lucky?

20 thoughts on “FitBloggin’ 2012 Pre-Game Show

  1. I will see you there! I’m really looking forward to the weekend–such a great lineup, and then meeting so many fantastic people! And I hope you get to enjoy my city while here–it’s fun to me to have someone from my childhood city here in my adult city!

  2. Yay! I’m looking forward to attending a conference for FUN too. And, it’s nice to have to pack several workout outfits for each day (I get sweaty!) instead of several suits. Can’t wait to meet you!

    • Doesn’t it make packing so much easier? No need to worry about bulk or wrinkles. And I swear we’ll all be happier just by not dealing with heels and under-wires.

  3. I’m so excited for Fitbloggin!!! I can’t believe it’s this week! Such a great line-up and I can’t wait to meet so many great people and look forward to meeting you! I’ll be on the injury sideline with you (tho’ I might try to do the crossfit workout…)

    • I know! It’s amazing how many people are going to be there. I just hope I don’t have a bunch of brain farts and forget who goes with what blog haha

    • I wish you were going to be there! You always have so much fun with everything you’re like a built in life of the party

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