Embracing the F-word?

What does the word “Fitness” mean to you?

This post could go on and on and into a million directions. I think while I am recovering I will make this almost a recurring theme while I explore my world. Before we go any further allow me to state for the official record everything I express is my own opinion…and now we move forward.

When I think of my favorite f-word I laugh and then think of “fitness”. No, but really, it’s such a big word in my life. And for me fitness is physical. I hear or see or think of the word and I imagine any combination or process of anaerobic or aerobic activity. Anything from walking to Zumba to Wii fit or running, time at the gym, CrossFit or whatever else floats your boat. When I suffer an injury or set back my immediate thoughts are “There goes my fitness, right out the window”.

UnderArmor (my love) may encourage us to “No matter what. Sweat every day”. But that isn’t always possible and there is so much more to it.

If you work out what effects does it have on your body? I’m not going to plug the science, but in a nutshell it changes you physically, emotionally, mentally and perhaps spiritually. Exercise often has a holistic effect, but it isn’t the only road to those outcomes.

FitFluential tells us they are a group embracing the idea of “Fitness Found” … where was it? Did you lose it? I’m going to tell myself NO.

Your fitness is not lost and your fitness is not paused and it is not being redefined. However, yes fitness is found. Fitness is found in enjoyment (of life, friends and family). Fitness is found in food when we eat (good bad or in-between). Fitness is found in sleep (dreaming of our next big adventure, reflection on those already accomplished and allowing our bodies time to repair and prepare). And fitness is found when me move (whatever form that does or doesn’t take).

Many people look at fitness as the movement part and everything else as “wellness”. I am one of those people. While I’m injured though I am going to do my best to embrace fitness. I am going to do my best not to look at what I am doing in the recovery as substitutes to what what I love, but compliments. A steak may be delicious, but adding veggies and potatoes makes it a meal. Running was my steak and while crafting and socializing are my veggies and potatoes I can’t look at any of them as superior to the others. Everything comes together to create fitness, it isn’t a buffet it’s a culinary masterpiece.

Please keep me company on my journey to explore other areas of my fitness. Not because I am less of a person now, but because I know we’re going to keep having fun!

3 thoughts on “Embracing the F-word?

  1. First, I’m so sorry that you’re injured. It’s no fun at all when fitness and being physically active is such a big part of your life. Second, this is a beautiful post and great perspective. I’ve had to learn too how rehab fit into the bigger picture of my overall health, wellness AND fitness. It’s definitely a huge compliment and has taught me a lot about my body and what I need to do into order to continue to be fit. Thanks for sharing this.

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