While some of the not posting as much these last two weeks has been due to my injury, there is another much more important reason this week.

On Sunday my dog had a seizure. I wasn’t there when it happened, my Mom and sister were taking her for a hike when they noticed she was acting funny and they thought maybe she stepped on something or was stung or bitten. From what they described she was twitching on one side, her neck was crooked to the side with her eyes focused strangely and she was breathing heavily. At the end she was also shedding tears.

This happened around 130pm and she was fine immediately after and has remained fine. Yesterday, we went to the vet for reassurance. Apparently Emme is at the age where epilepsy shows. She is 4 years old next month. The vet drew some baseline blood work, but because it was submitted later in the day I may not hear back with results until Wednesday.

One thing I noticed in all the information they gave me to read, typically seizure due to a tumor or cancer or some other very serious/fatal condition wouldn’t show up for another year or so, which gives me GREAT relief. What I also read is with toy breeds they are susceptible to low blood sugar. Em is not even 5 pounds most days and honestly I NEVER see her eat! She’ll eat her treats and cheese, but her hard food can sit out for weeks without being touched. Ugg. She loves wet food, but I often forget to give it to her…not anymore! She’s a very active little girl and just like we can’t run or bike or swim or play on empty neither can or should our pets.

Here’s a PSA: If you’re going to work out with your dog in any capacity, go above and beyond the call of duty to care for them. They can’t or won’t always indicate when something is “off”. They will push beyond safe and healthy limits if it is in their nature to “people please”. Simply because your dog WILL go 10+ miles doesn’t mean it SHOULD. The same idea applies to different weather conditions and food/water intake. Right now, as strange and as sad as it is, best case scenario is I did this to my baby. I don’t want it to be a random thing without logic because that could happen again! I would prefer it was a low blood sugar reaction, since I can control the issue and prevent it from happening ever again.

So yeah…normal shenanigans to resume shortly. Right now, it’s a little hard to focus.

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