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I used to think running during the week was a difficult thing to schedule. In college and grad school I would tend to go to the gym for exercise based classes or time on the stationary bikes. Even presently I signed up for the gym with thoughts of classes and bikes dancing in my mind. For whatever reason the concept of running during the week, especially for distance was foreign to me. Sure, at times I’ve raced on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, but those were special events and took time and planning.

Somehow I have slowly adapted to running after work. Be it the heat I previously wanted to avoid or the painful reality and consequences of my poor dietary choices while employed. Most of the time I run around 3 miles. If I take Emme out I’ll do closer to 4 if we hit multiple trails. I say it’s because I am watching her safety, but really it is my own creature comfort.

Last year I ran with Crooked River Trail Runners on Thursdays and managed to snag 5 miles in those attempts. When I found out about my heart though I missed months upon months of practices and now I fear I’m too slow. <–This totally isn’t true as CRTR is a group open to all abilities FYI. What I am uncomfortable about it my lack of speed from where I was previously.

Regardless of all of that I am trying to get back on the weekday running horse. I enjoy a few blocks alone, but I thrive on the group runs where I know I’m a part of something great in this world. What does my running look like this week?

Well, last Saturday Gale and I traveled over to the magnificent Oil Creek State Park, where we hiked sections 1 & 4 of the Oil Creek 100 race course. We did this in roughly 4.5 hours and it was totally my intention to walk. I need the miles more than I need the speed and I know when I hit sections 4 on the second loop this fall, there will be NO RUNNING, so I wanted to experience it as a slow(er) pace.

Sunday I was a slacker, was a recovery day.

Monday I went out with Grunt Girl Racing and we did the newbie trail hike. Say what? Well Tonya organized a night where new and experienced runners alike could come out and hike/run some of the Buckeye trail. We went over basic courtesy, how to read the trail markers and picked a route. I took Emme and she knocked out 4 miles in around 50 minutes. Go Go gadget puppy!

Tuesday more slacking resting

Wednesday I walked a lot, but no actual running

TONIGHT TONIGHT: I am headed to Twilight Trail 8K at 700pm in the North Chagrin Reservation. An actual race and one I LOVE. Please come by and support Kate and Achilles Racing as well as the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. If you’re not into trail running or you’re not in the area another fun Cleveland event is happening at Second Sole in Rocky River Ohio at 630PM. Head on over for a chance to test out OrthoLite high-performance insoles and meet brand ambassador Jonathon Prince. It’s part of Runners Exchange, a multi-city, one-mile run tour led by Prince to encourage an active lifestyle.  At each exchange, Prince will provide OrthoLite insoles to race participants and educate consumers about how the strength and cushioning of the insoles have transformed his running experience. Fun, right?

Friday I will be resting and cleaning and blogging.

Saturday (which isn’t exactly weekday running now is it?) I am either doing 18 miles on the Towpath with Jeremy and his girlfriend Tiffany or I will be headed back into the woods with Gale for 10-18 miles. Only time will tell.

How do you adjust to weekday training?


8 thoughts on “Weekday Running

  1. I’ve just turned it into habit. I know that everyday during my office lunch hour, I head to the gym. Even if I don’t feel like going, I change and walk over there. Once at the gym, I’m totally fine to give it my all for about 30-40 minutes. It’s hard to get into a routine, but once you do…it’s yours for life!

    • That makes me wanna join my gym by the office. Even if I get in 30-40 it’s still better than nothing. Then again they have the building next door set up for lunch hour walks around the one floor, would be free.

  2. The only weekday training that is more difficult for me is when I workout after work. I’m tired from being on my feet all day and working out other people. But as soon as I get started that is all gone and I feel great. Getting started is always the biggest obstacle.

    • Yes! That’s why I LOVED having a gym so close to where I did my internship. Now it’s sooo easy to just go home and not want to go back out

    • Thanks! It really is an intense thing…I keep thinking it’s not real. VEDA is kicking my butt, but mostly since I’m not getting much love so it’s hard to stay motivated, ya know?

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