I had a training run yesterday morning, and despite my best unintentional efforts to sabotage myself, it went fairly well.

In the past I’ve mentioned my general lack of hunger cues, the same applies to thirst. It isn’t I don’t know how to recognize these items (I have felt hungry or thirsty in the past) it is that I do not normally sense the triggers on a day to day basis. Also, this is not because I maintain any semblance of balance in my diet. The closest I get to hunger is normally feeling a little moody, the closest for thirst is starting to feel light headed (both of these are after hours upon hours of non-consumption, cues should kick in sooner one would think).

At any rate…so Friday I went to work after eating my blueberry s’more oatmeal and I consumed another lifetime supply of grapes, I also had a lovely salad for lunch, then traveled to see Alicia conduct her first yoga class! On my way there it occurs to me I have had NOTHING, yes NOTHING to drink all day. I forgot my water at home and it’s not exactly convenient to get to the fountain at work. Normally I drink between clients (no pun intended) but there were multiple no-shows. Easily I allowed the day to slip through my fingers without a single sip.

Luckily Friday night I met up with a friend at Winking Lizard before he drove back to VA. I manged to suck down 2 glasses of water. Saturday I woke late and joined Abby at Panera for a later lunch, where there was 1 small glass of water. Next I zipped over to Crystal’s to meet the new baby (way too cute) and finally back home again where I may have had a glass or two of water.

Enter Sunday training day and you can see things were not adding up at all!

Here is the break down of loops

Loop 1: Managed 5.2 miles in 1:18:xx part of the course was not perfectly marked and it was accidentally skipped. I ran with the race director the first mile, that was nice. VERY runnable course. Eventually my “slower” pace pulled me away from everyone and I walked most of the last mile because I had attitude, I thought I wasn’t eating enough.

Loop 2: Managed 3.9 miles in 50:xx. After spending large amounts of time at my car changing my socks (I was getting blisters) and eating salt and sugar and drinking more water I set out for a second lap. Around 2 miles into it I saw Gale. We decided to run the rest of the way together than do a third loop for her. I was certainly running before seeing her (Ipod helped) and after we met up she kept me moving. Hoping to have the same motivation from others on Saturday (race day).

Loop 3: Finally nailed the whole course! We walked (myself and Gale) almost the whole time. My phone read mileage in the 7’s and a pace in the 15s (not accurate information at all) it was only 6.2 and we for sure were closer to 20’s with the walking. We called it 6.2 in 1:53:xx

Overall I knocked out 15+ miles in about 4 hours. I felt sore, but I was also really being a slacker and experimenting with food. I didn’t realize until the 3rd lap and we started talking how much my legs hurt and my chest was cramping. Gale pointed out I was way way way under hydrated. Better get on that this week if I wanna knock out a successful 50K on Sat.

BTW happy to report there is minimal to no limping or soreness today. I remember years ago after doing my first half I didn’t walk right until Wednesday, now I go longer distances and I’m perked up the next morning. Love the way the body works.

Photos courtesy of George A. Themelis.

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