Was it preventable?

For those who read my report, you know I had a tad bit of trouble with my leg Saturday. And sadly all the frozen yogurt in the world couldn’t help. Believe me, I tried. Thank you Mom and Ian. I barely slept all weekend I was in pain and I couldn’t walk at all. I managed to somehow get myself into the office yesterday morning and took the afternoon off for a doctor’s visit.

Turns out I strained my hamstring, with a partial tear. The good news is I did not do anything to my bones! I go to Sports Medicine on Friday for additional evaluation and to establish physical therapy or whatever else rehab. I’m supposed to be on crutches, but I have never used them before and I can’t get it to work. Besides I woke up feeling a little better. I’m also supposed to be taking ibuprofen for the pain, but pills makes me sick. Sigh.

I’m happy he was wrong about not walking for 1-2 weeks. Well, apparently wrong since I’m more mobile today than yesterday, but let’s see what tomorrow brings, right? However the fact I will be out 4-6 weeks means my ultra season is over. There will be no going to Michigan for Run Woodstock, certainly no hill of YUT-C and without all the training over the next month or more I don’t see how I will ever safely accomplish Oil Creek. So, goodbye to the 100K dream this year.

Hoping with proper healing I can still pull off some races in November, but not holding my breath. My job is to listen and get better. My job is to support my friends in their events. It’ll be OK.

I can’t help but wonder though, could I have prevented this? Was it avoidable? Did I do more damage finishing? Or once it popped was I screwed regardless? All the months I’ve worried about my IT band and what I couldn’t figure out as pain in my tush, was it my weak hamstrings? If I worked MORE on my core, would I have been OK? This happened on a flat course too, so how bad off was I? Questions maybe I’ll never know the answers, or perhaps I will from Sports Medicine and time back on my feet.

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