Product Review : AYG XTRdry Cotton

Does anyone else sometimes wonder how to bridge the gap between comfort and performance? Does anyone else ever wonder why there is a gap?

A few months ago I began to work out at the gym again. One of the things I realized it that I don’t really own gym friendly underwear. But Julie, haven’t you been running for years? Where is it all? You may ask. Well, I am one of those people who prefer to run sans underwear. Less to worry about I suppose. However, when I’m at the gym I feel more exposed and I want an added layer.

Enter Polarmax and All-Year Gear 365 (AYG) with a solution! XTRdry performance cotton products. I will be reviewing a pair of cotton bikini briefs as well as a cami. There will be photos, if you don’t want to see a picture of me in my underwear, leave now. Haha.

I was sent two different products to test and evaluate and I’m pleased both had their successes. The first item, a pair of women’s bikini briefs, really came through in the underwear department. I found they were thin and lighter than standard cotton underwear so I did not feel like I was wearing a diaper to the gym. They did not bunch or collect a ton of sweat either, helping me to feel fresh and discrete. Not gonna lie, I have a larger booty and the cut of the briefs was perfect. Not so far out I felt like a granny, not cut too narrow where I feared the world’s largest wedgie while twisting or lifting. It really was impressive how well they stayed in place. The elastic band was super comfortable too, never rolling or pinching. Plus, it helps to come in cute colors, so if there is a slip of my pants, I know I will be both embarrassed and fashionable.

The Performance Cotton Women’s Bikini Brief retails for 24.95 (US dollars) and can be found on Polarmax’s website. Available colors include coral, black, white and periwinkle. In sizes XS through XL.

The official description is as follows:

4.5 oz, 96% XTRdry Cotton, 4% Spandex, XTRdry moisture wicking, Quick Drying, Breathes, Acclimate Fresh Anti Microbial, Comfortable flat seams ( next to skin), Relaxed fit. The under thing for everything, our All Year Gear Women’s Bikini gives the perfect amount of coverage – a must for any panty wardrobe. Also, our fabric wicks away sweat, while anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. The truth of the matter remains – All Year Gear Bikinis represent the moisture wicking, odor-kicking, anti-stinking underwear.;

As I mentioned above, the other piece I was sent was a Women’s Cami.

Now, this item is not meant for running or other active movements. It is meant to be quick and easy and super comfortable. My immediate plan for this piece was to wear it to work or around town when it was topping 90+ degrees (and on days when our A/C at work was not working). My plan worked out beautifully. As a medium to larger chested woman (depending on who you ask and what I’m doing) I find I am not always a friend of the camis, especially those with built in bras. This cami passed the test though. When wearing it paired with a button down type shirt, I found I was very comfortable and even cooler during the warmer days. The ability and freedom from wearing a bra on hotter mornings was a blessing. The fabric is super thin and I’m very self conscious so I would never wear it on its own, and in fact it’s within the section of the website for “base layers”.  Although, let’s be honest that doesn’t always prevent people from wearing those items on their own. Overall I noticed how smooth and soft the cami felt against my skin and how sassy and sexy I felt wearing it due to it’s comfort and cute cut.

The Women’s Cami is also available via the Polarmax website and comes in black or white.

Official features:

  • Feels Like Cotton – Because it is!
  • XTRDRY Cotton Moisture Wicking
  • Quick Drying, Breathes
  • Acclimate Fresh Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor
  • Comfortable Flat Seams – No Chafing
  • 100% Made in the USA

What new gear have you discovered lately? Any go to pieces for your activity of choice?

FTC disclaimer : The cami and briefs were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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