OBA supports the Underdog

Last Thursday night I attended the August edition of OBA meetup. (Ohio Blogging Association). We headed up to Cleveland to checkout the ever so delightful Happy Dog restaurant and conduct a blogger’s roundtable in the “basement” aka the lower level known as the Underdog.

The roundtable was set up by the mastermind of OBA, Alicia of Poise in Parma, who will be speaking at FitBloggin‘ in September on the concept of taking your online community offline. I attended not only to see some of my friends and fellow bloggers, but because I have the great privilege of liveblogging from FitBloggin’ at Alicia’s topic and I was hoping to get an insider’s preview before the big event!

Mostly Alicia asked various questions about our motivation for starting a blog, how we keep up with it, which tools of social media are we most comfortable with (especially with an emphasis on safety) and probably the big question of the night : Why attend an offline function as your online self?

One thing many people pointed out is this misconception of bloggers being antisocial or holed up in a room trying to create or promote controversy. Many of us began our journey as an exploration of self or as a way to reach out to others on a topic or experience where we felt alone when faced with immediate resources.

For me: I began ROJ Running as a way to document my journey to becoming a marathoner. At the time it was a scary and overwhelming process and one I did not take lightly. Most of my area runner friends were faster or more competitive than me and I needed a community where slower did not me “There’s time to improve”, but instead meant “You’re still having just as much fun”. Anyone who continues to read 3+ years later knows little has changed in that realm. Ha ha. My motivation to continue blogging? Not only the community I find myself a part of, but also it is my mental health and “me” time. My job can be very emotionally demanding, and sometimes I need an activity where it’s only me and my little piece of the world. Plus, I love to write and be creative.

Fellow Bloggers in attendance:

Now obviously the night was about more than talking! It was also about eating!

The Underdog has the same food menu as the main Happy Dog upstairs, but also features old movies*, old cartoons* and several fun arcade type machines and a shuffle board. *I reserve the right to not be yelled at for what I deem “old”.

To order food you grab a tear off sheet and start marking your choices. One starts with an all beef or “veggie” dog and adds all the toppings your heart desires. I was put off by the price ($5.00) because let’s admit it, that’s high for a dog! I’m not a food snob, I am picky. I think all hotdogs taste the same. Plus, I wasn’t all about the many and varied options. Most were spicy, or had some weird fruit base. See why this isn’t a foodie blog? There was a momentary panic when I thought I was told everything was cooked with vegetable oil (shouldn’t/can’t eat it) but as luck would have it the main dogs were canola, the day was saved! Food allergies doesn’t mean I have to be healthy.

What’s on that creation? The dog, then baked beans, bacon, egg, and nacho cheese. Yum yum. Although everyone else got in on the fries or tots and tons of sauces, I had to pass, the fries were in the v-oil. Look how fun it seems though!

All in all it was another awesome night with an awesome group. I always enjoy hanging out with people who appreciate my special relationship with my phone and apps and all things social media.

Want to join in on the fun next month? We’re headed to an Indian’s game! GO TRIBE! Join us for a happy hour gathering before (somewhere on/near East 4th – suggestions are welcome!) or meet us up at the game. Details are over at the Facebook event page with more details coming soon!

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