Midweek silliness

As mentioned yesterday via Facebook and Twitter. I am finally cracking down and doing some “housecleaning” on the blog. Lord knows the actual house could use it too, but that’s a tale for another day.

1) When I transferred to self hosting back in May 99% of my images did not make it safely across the virtual ocean. They’re still back in Blogger land. Slowly, but surely I have been visiting old posts, grabbing the visual goodness and removing the duplicate post from cyber-land. It’s all very interesting I assure you. NOT.

2) There are a lot of great products or services I’ve been meaning to share with you beyond the “Monthly Finds” feature and I am thinking I may have to simply do an awesome week of reviews. Part of me doing a review though is really putting my heart into it. I don’t want to be a commercial and I don’t want there to be a standard review I post. Sincerity or nothing at all I promise.

Now on to the funnies:

One thought on “Midweek silliness

  1. When I transferred from Blogger to WP I had the same thing happen. I had intentions of going back and updating just like you mentioned and frankly I just gave up! I did not have the time or energy! If you can manage it I give you major props. Instead I have black caution signs on many of my old posts.

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