McKayla is not impressed

McKayla is not impressed with my training this weekend and neither am I!

Although I did get in a lot of life living, so it’s a fair trade off I suppose.

Friday I knew I was not going to do much working out. I had grand plans Saturday morning for a 15-20 miler. Option #1 was Towpath with my coworker and his girlfriend for 18, option #2 was 8-18 or whatever with Gale on the Buckeye trail. We eventually opted for 5 hours and whatever we could cover in that time. Then she sent me a text informing me her car was in need of repair and she was cancelling. Earlier my coworker cancelled due to his own reasons. I was left without a game plan.  Luckily I found myself over at my friend Crystal’s house delivering some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, as requested by the very preggo female herself. She was due Sat but little baby decided she was not ready for the world. It was nice catching up with her and her husband and she even let me feel where the baby is, although she wasn’t moving. I’ve never had a pregnant person allow me to touch their belly (which yes, is a lil weird if you don’t know the person and even when you DO, but it was a very cool thing to understand there’s a small human in there waiting to meet the world).

Saturday I slept in a tad and then started with the massive cleaning. Oh, I should note I COULD have run on my own, absolutely! It was raining though and I have a weird thing where my toes or nails or something swell when it rains and it’s the most painful thing ever! Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes. I’ll race in the rain, but I don’t train in it when it’s that painful.

So, I vacuumed and dusted and scrubbed and did 4 loads of laundry and went grocery shopping and even bought new curtains and a computer chair pillow! Oh and I FINALLY put the new dressings on my bed.

Sunday was a day for wondering why I felt physically as if I had been run over. Really I did! My back ached sooooo much and it wouldn’t move places I needed it to move. Enter project lay on the couch and watch Hulu. Oh ABC Family, MTV and British comedy, what a funny trio you make.

My only slightly impressive thing was my reflection on Run Woodstock in September. I discovered they go 5 deep in age groups and when you win your award is a lil flower power bus. As a previous bus driver and lifelong lover of buses, this is awesome!

Now the simple truth to the matter is I am no where NEAR fast enough to grab a bus award in typical circumstances. However, it would appear the marathon distance is not popular in the 25-30 crowd. Apparently everyone opts to do the 1/2 marathon and call it day (which a lot of my friends are doing) or they say “It’s only a few more miles” and upgrade to 50K and ultra status (what the rest of my friends are doing). Leaving the classic 26.2 an open field for proper bus acquisition! Score! I won’t be back in time for supper…the 4 mile lunch time hike “to hell and back” which means I’ll be out one of the buttons from the weekend challenge, but I’m thinking it’s a fair trade again. Plus, the mileage fits better with my training for Oil Creek and as I embody time and time again, training can be a fickle animal and get it in when you have the chance!

Off to another “Newbie Trail Hike” tonight with the pup. Happy Monday.

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