Do you have OTD?

It seems to me OTD is quickly spreading in my community. Maybe once infected it’s easier to spot in others? Perhaps the lack of awareness makes it easier to spread to others as well? What’s important now is to get behind the movement spreading knowledge and support. Embrace your diagnosis and stand tall with those who also caught the bug.

OTD : Obsessive Trail Disorder

Signs & Symptoms?

1. You skip the bridge and run through the creek every time!

2. Toenails are a luxury…not a necessity.

3. Your car has more gear in it than your running store.

4. You brag about your last wipe out on the trail.

5. It’s not a good run unless you come home muddy!

6. You receive IVY BLOCK in your stocking.

7. Your idea of a well stocked aid station has PB&J, pretzels, M&Ms, Heed & pizza.

8. Running through mud puddles is your idea of a spa treatment.

9. Between you and the dog there is more mud in your car than on the trail.

10. A hiker tells you “You’re crazy…but AWESOME!”

If you or someone you love has been displaying signs of OTD…give them a high five and a pat on the back! Look into local support groups and search various social media outlets for additional support, advice and visual stimulation.

Remember, you’re not alone!

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    • There’s a fellow runner who owns a print shop locally, he makes the shirts. He puts an order in about once a year and there’s a variety of colors too

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