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Most of you may recall I decided to start a monthly feature last month, where I share various links from around the good ‘ol internet. After deciding to do this I found myself far more in-tune with things I read or things brought to my attention and it was hard to narrow it down for this month’s collection!

BTW allow me emphasize to no end how I am NOT compensated in ANY WAY for these items. They really are things I found or was emailed about and I liked the idea enough I wanted to share.

1. Everyone seems to have Olympic fever and although things are dying down, there is still time to feed off the passion with GE’s HealthyShare, a health and fitness inspired Facebook app.  Making it even easier to kickstart health goals and “go for the gold” by making Olympic-themed daily challenges available during the 17 days of the Olympics.

Examples of challenges include:

  • The Quickness Challenge: Olympic hopefuls compete in handball this week. The sport involves quick bursts of speed to track down shots. Whether you’re indoors or out, pick a point to sprint to, turn around, and sprint back to your starting place. Repeat 5 times.
  • Test Your Endurance: Olympic hopefuls compete in the modern pentathlon today. Do cardio activity of your choice for 30 minutes. Run, swim, power walk, or do the elliptical machine. If you need a break, walk, but donʼt stop.

2. As a runner I often find I have more water bottles than I know what to do with at the end of the day. I’m sure all active people or those who want to carry water with them for any reason often find they have preferences for color, design and all sorts of other factors. One thing I need is the ability to keep things cool or warm as well as the ability not to transfer a weird taste to my mouth when I inventively forget about it in my car for days on end. I have yet to buy a S’well bottle, but they seem to be not only a great design, but a company with a great background. Through their partnership with WaterAid, every S’well bottle sold supports WaterAid’s programs improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. For more information, visit

3. Back in the day….Mom used to buy me all sorts of snacks. OK full disclosure here, we’re talking when I stayed at home as an undergrad. Haha. One of the treats she would buy was Welch’s fruit snacks. I LOVED those things and my friends loved them too as I often took extras and would share. When they added them to the vending machines at work everyone was super excited. We used to buy them in bulk my sister and I ate so many of them! Well, I don’t eat them anymore (I found they have palm or coconut oil in various flavors) but I still think they’re a potential wonderful treat for others. In fact did you realize Welch’s Fruit Snacks are fat free, gluten free and contain 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C and 25% of Vitamins A and E? Aside from the larger packaging, there are also 80-calorie single serving packs. Based on this information, it was brought to my attention they make a great addition to a gym or beach bag.

4. Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy. According to their website: the world’s first 100% all natural, vegetarian-approved, organic energy drink. Launched nationally at Whole Foods, Target, and many more regional stores, Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy is free of synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavorings and preservatives. Personally, I don’t do energy drinks. They’ve never been my style. I do water and I sometimes do juice and I enjoy a Sierra Mist every now and again…but energy drinks? Maybe since I’m so sensitive to caffeine they never grew on me? AT ANY RATE I know TONS of people who love them and probably wouldn’t function without them, so why not try something more natural and veggie friendly? Besides, like you need an excuse to go to Target?

5. SNAP Infusion states they offer the world’s first SUPERCANDY. Available in five varieties, including Gum, Gummy, Bean, Caramel, and Tarts. Where NIKE meets Willy Wonka, each variety is infused with Vitamin B for energy, Antioxidants for protection, and Electrolytes for balance. SNAP happens to be made with palm kernel oil so it’s also out of the question for my diet, but again that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it and honestly I found it to be an interesting new product. Give it a try and tell me what you think?

6. I have seen, heard and and read about treadmill desks. In fact I believe Lindsay (Lean Green Bean) had her husband make one for her! While they always interested me they were never my cup of tea. I hate watching TV on the treadmill at the gym, I end up dizzy or sick. Then I found the answer and I am 100% considering ordering one of these. It’s a FitDesk! The FitDesk is a desk with a bike! Heck yes! This is what I do while at the gym and watching TV, so why not while blogging or any other internet activities at home? For only about $250 bucks it seems worth the investment if I had the money. If you already have a bike it’s like 75-80 bucks to get the one that adapts to your bike/trainer.

7. To wrap things up, I’d like to share some lady specific traveling tips from Healthy Hoohoo. I highly enjoy traveling, and although my current budget keeps me in the greater U S of A area, I know I will someday cross an ocean or two and many of these things I never thought about and never would. As ladies we all know how much our days or events can be ruined when things between the legs do not agree with us, right? Healthy Hoohoo shares these travel tips to keep us healthy and happy.

  • Keep clean and wash daily.  Even if it’s just a quick sitz bath or wipe from a warm wash cloth.  Avoid using harsh feminine or anti-bacterial wipes that may irritate your intimate area.
  • Be mindful of your clothing choices.  Tight clothing can restrict pelvic area air circulation.  If sweat does not have an opportunity to evaporate, it can open the door for unwanted bacteria.  Best choice is natural fiber underwear and loose fitting skirts and pants.
  • For your menstrual cycle, pack your normal hygienic supplies from home.  Countries often vary in their offerings of feminine products and tampons may not be available.  Also be mindful of your hygienic footprint.  By that we mean what waste are you leaving behind?  If you’re in a third world or wilderness area, best choice is to use an applicator-free tampon.  That way you are not leaving behind non-biodegradable packaging.
  • Vaginal yeast infections are more common in tropical countries.  When traveling to hot & humid destinations make sure keep your intimate area dry and clean. The healthy hoo hoo foamer works wonders for these moments. Use a blow dryer on the “cool” setting to help dry after showering and sleep without your underwear. Use of antibiotics (like the malaria medicine doxycycline) may increase your chance of getting a yeast infection. You might consider carrying your own  remedy.
  • Think holistically and be mindful of drinking enough water, eating fresh veggies and fruit, curbing sugar consumption (no matter how tempting that second French pastry can be) and exercising.  Also, taking daily doses of probiotics or eating lots of yogurt rich in live cultures will help regulate your system in response to any new or exotic foods and drinks you may be experiencing.
  • Finally, learn to squat!  In certain situations (like the hole in the floor in India or the outhouse in Bhutan) you will want to refrain from sitting down.  Keep your bottom away from unsanitary seating and build-up those quad muscles!

Have you heard of Healthy Hoohoo before? Tried any of their products? I think it’s great they produce a natural product and even better their disclaimer…they “test on gal pals and not animals”. I’ve never used a feminine wash product before, however I did use the Always products that came with wipes for a while before deciding I didn’t like the actual pads. Healthy Hoohoo has wipes, so I’d consider getting those. Lord knows natural and fragrance free is the route I need for anything.

What have you come across around the web this past month? Share you links and knowledge with me!

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  1. My wife is a huge fan of Welch’s fruit snacks. I’ve never like fruit snacks but the FitDesk caught my eye! Is it cooler than a treadmill desk? Hard to say. I’d have to give it a go before I made that conclusive of a conclusion 😉 haha

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