Why I’m backing Bia

A lot of people have heard of Bia (a GPS sports watch for women, that men want too) and the funding they’re trying to get via kickstarter.com. Not everyone has though and as I keep linking things, I want to take the time to explain why I support this project.

In a nutshell:

  • Style
  • Safety
  • Convenience


Bia can’t stress enough they’re not a matter of “shrink it and pink it” for making something female specific. While Bia  is smaller than say some of the Garmin line, it does not lose features. The pictures show the main face compared to the Garmin, and I think this can be slightly deceiving, because in order to have some of the features a user also needs the GPS sports stick. The stick reminds me of a first generation IPOD shuffle, it’s long and thin and can be placed in a pocket or clipped to something, leaving your wrist unburdened.

In addition to a smaller size, the watch sits at an angle, helping to reduce glare or discomfort on the wrist bones. It can be adjusted for those who wear it on the right or the left and the band is not dependent upon pre-made holes for fit. It is made of neoprene and can be adjusted to exact fit, not to mention there are tons of color options for the bands.


Who runs with their phone? Who believes if they were abducted, if they fell down, if anything happened to them, they would be able to get to their phone quickly, easily and in enough time to make a call to save their life? When you stop to think about it, running with our phone is nice if we get lost of bored, but in a true life threatening situation, they’re not always a great option.

Bia has this amazing feature where with the touch of a button a signal can go out to an emergency contact or just an emergency number alerting them you’re in danger. Then a person can track you with the GPS.


Bia can be used without the GPS when tracking laps, intervals, calories and other basic functions. This part never needs to be charged! The GPS stick has a battery life of 17 hours! WOW that’s almost long enough for my ultras (haha) but certainly longer than the 8-10 hours I’m currently working with using my Garmin.

As pictured above, Bia works for running, biking and swimming. Yes, some items are safe for water for the Garmin line, but I am loving how safe the Bia watch is and that it still uses it’s full GPS ability to track swims. I need this so I can zone out and just do laps. I HATE counting laps! And what if I’m in open water? Then I’m S-O-L, I don’t have mad swim measuring skills.

No more “waiting for satellites” <–major selling point right there. Plus, the ability to track your runner for any race at any time, no more paying the $5 fee some larger races have been asking.

Final highlights via their kickstarter page


  • Safety alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Quick-connect GPS; no more time wasted “finding satellites” 
  • Data to your online training log; no more time wasted “sync’ing”
  • iPod-like ease of use; just one button and a touchscreen
  • Water resistance to 100M; full GPS tracking when you swim

Won’t you please consider backing Bia? They need all their funds within the next two days or this project isn’t going to happen. Yes, sadly, we won’t see the watches on our wrists until April 2013, but isn’t that better than never? And you don’t have to spend the $199 to get it, you can simply back with $1 to show support. You are ONLY charged if the project goes through, no stress sending money without seeing results. Kickstarter is linked to your Amazon account, so it’s easy to pay as well (IMHO).

Disclaimer: Bia did not ask me to write this, I am doing it our of the goodness of my heart and desire to see this project take off.

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6 thoughts on “Why I’m backing Bia

    • I know! I’m curious how well it works, but it seems like something that should be mandatory in all watches for sports in the future.

  1. I think that the safety feature is a key selling point for me. Yes I run with my phone but you are so right – in a dire situation, I’d have to unlock my phone, click the phone icon, and dial the number – a lot of steps. I really hope that they are able to pull this off.

    • That’s what I keep thinking about too! Maybe I could get to it when I’m lost or hurt, but if someone were to try and abduct me, the first thing they’re getting rid of is my phone…they may not think to tamper with my watch

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