Race Report : Stow Firecracker Run

Like many of my friends I woke up early on my holiday and went off in pursuit of a good run. Hey consider it my form of pursuit of happiness…

I chose the Stow Firecracker 4 Miler as my grounds for searching this year. Emme was able to get into the spirit without leaving the house.

Stow is my hometown and I have never taken part in their 4th of July race. In the past I opted to run events which were part of a series of races and I needed to earn points. This year I thought it would be nice to attend an event I could essentially walk to if I wanted.

I registered for the race Tuesday night after work. Wed morning I was glad I did, because BOY was there a lot of people. On my way to the bathroom I ran into Brittany and we chatted a moment or two. The line for the bathroom was so long, a few of us ladies went into the men’s room. Now I’ve done that before at rest stops or food chains, but those are almost always the same looking things as the ladies’ room. This bathroom had real urinals, just out there in the open along the wall. How is this OK for guys? Seriously? I’ve always wondered why poor guys have to pee right in front of another guy. Sure, it’s understood not to look, but weird. Just weird. Once there weren’t guys of course we went in to use the stalls.


Back on the street I was ready to go! I was wearing a cute black running skirt, a red top and a Bondi Band that was white with red stars. I remembered my Garmin and I had my IPOD. Heck I even found my Yurbuds! My hair was braided and I was stretched.

The signal went off and we were off! Music pumped through my ears and the sweat immediately began rolling down my neck and back. Was it 90 degrees already? By the quarter mile mark I had to take out my braid and do a normal ponytail. By the half mile mark, my back felt funny. I reached behind and could feel my underwear! My skirt had slipped so far down I was exposing my entire backside. Not sure if I would have preferred to have been sans panties that day. Without worrying to much about it I hiked it up as far up my body as it would go and continued to occasionally tug at the sides during the race to make sure it stayed put.

One of the great pleasures of summer races are the men. The men who don’t wear shirts. Who have perfect muscles and zero boy fat and I wanna touch them. Ha. This day was no exception and I was feeling very patriotic. God Bless America, the land of the free.

Mile one went by quickly and I found my pace was around 9:50-something. I kept going and was feeling unusually strong. I saw Kim Z on the sidelines (fellow Grunt Girl) and loved running on a street where I was literally a half mile from my house. It just felt so comfortable. I knew surroundings and could pace myself.

Mile two was the turn around and I found I managed to run another 9:50-something mile. Nicely done self. On the way back I didn’t feel like I was slowing down, but I did start to feel like I was having breathing or heart problems. I kept going though and tried not to get too worked up. A few people turned their sprinklers on, which was super refreshing. I made mile 3 and found my pace was 11:30-ish. OUCH. MAJOR slow down. Since I didn’t feel like I was slowing down though, I decided I obviously needed it. My body is smart.

I did attempt to speed things up for the end and the down hill. With about a half mile to go Brittany spotted me and ran me in. Running with her was nice, but I could tell we were running FAST for me. I felt sick in a good way and she was pushing me to give it all I had. I saw Sheila on the sidelines cheering and the finish chute never seemed so wonderful. I finished that mile around another 9:50-something. I’m SURE I was moving much faster than that with Brittany and she saved my pace from being another 11:30


In the overall results there were 579 people who ran/walked to the race, I was number 430. I swear someday I will be “fast” enough to actually at least maintain being in the top half of the results. I placed 20/28 in my age group with a time of 41:35 and a pace of 10:24. I guess that one mile really killed me. Boo.  Actually I’m very pleased with my results and am happy with my performance too.

Afterward we listened for awards (Brittany was 4th in the age group, too bad they only went 3 deep) and then went off to the parade with her boyfriend, where we collected various amounts of candy and political ads.

How did you spend you Fourth of July?

10 thoughts on “Race Report : Stow Firecracker Run

  1. The male eye candy at races this summer = smokin’ hot.
    The male eye candy on the Towpath this summer = not so much.

    My 4th of July was all about the hottest yoga class I’ve ever taken. Seriously sweaty but one of the best in a long time!

    • Yea is there any candy on he Towpath? Maybe a few runners, but I would think a lot of Dads with kids on bikes

  2. We took it easy for Canada Day! It was the day following the Spartan Race so I need some time to chill 🙂 We rode our bikes, hung out by the pool and relaxed 🙂

    Good job with the race!

    • I actually missed the fireworks this year. I mean it’s hard to miss them when they wake you up or you’re driving, but I didn’t get to sit and relax and watch any

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