Race Report : Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K

Saturday 7/21/12 was a very busy day for me! Unfortunately it wasn’t a very busy day for my camera. Ever have one of those days or events? This first part is a training recap, then I will share the race story, as they both happened the same day.

Training Hard

Beast mode activated?

By some miracle of science I was awake and out the door to meet up with Gale and a few other peeps for a nice slow long trail route. Before arriving I attempted to be hydrated and fueled, but looked around my house and could only find things with a ton o’ fiber…not good fuel. Eventually I realized I should have had a banana, but the time had passed. I used my Nathan hydration belt, and I still love the belt and it’s ease of use, but I was floored and saddened to realize the storage packets were no where near large enough for my cell phone or granola bars. The food I could maybe get by without, but the phone? I really need/want it for safety. Now I’m in the market for a new hydration system.

The first “loop” of the course went fairly well. Technically there was a 5 mile option, but we didn’t know the way (Gale, myself and Amy) the others were way out in front of us. Around mile 2 we opted to simply turn around since Amy needed to get going regardless. We cleared that section in 4.2 miles and around 54 minutes.

Gale and I chatted it up with the other group before they took off for their 30 miler (ugg) and we took off for our second loop. I drank a ton of water, but found it odd I wasn’t hungry and didn’t need the bathroom….hmmmm?

We trotted along the same section as before, happy and chatting. I was starting to feel the miles a litttttle bit, but was still loving being out there. Near the mile 1 mark I told her my stomach was hurting and I couldn’t run. By the time we reach the turnaround I was in full blown panic. Allow me to explain something…I am still a “city girl” in many ways and well certain facilities in my mind will always require indoor plumbing. Needless to say I was terrified I would be caught doing what I needed to do and somehow placed on the sex offended list and banned from the parks.

After we got running again I felt MUCH better, I made it the whole next mile too. Then my stomach started hurting again and I walked in the last mile. Grrrr.

Total? 8.5 in 1:52:xx or whatever I wasn’t wearing my Garmin. I went home and promptly took a 2 hour nap and battled GI upset a majority of the afternoon.

Racing Hard

Later in the day I readied myself and traveled up to Lakewood for a fun evening 5K. There wasn’t much to do at home, so I made sure to arrive early in hopes of chatting with friends I rarely see anymore. Or walking around the festival as this was an event for the city and there would be fun and games for the whole family! I packed up Marathon Bars and put my favorite singlet on and was there before you could say banana. Or something.

I didn’t know I would end up volunteering, but hey it was fun! I worked the end of the alphabet with Gale for a while, and told people about the awesomeness which is Marathon Bars. Then it was time to walk over to the corner to begin the race.

It had been a long, hot and physically worked day, but I was ready for the next 3.1 miles.

To the best of my knowledge I didn’t hear a horn or bell or shout, but we were off! Gale, Heidi and I hung out near the edge and waited for the crowd to pass where we felt we should pace and jumped into the pack. We were saving those precious 20 steps it would have taken to get near the middle, right?

Gale was running hard right away complaining about messing with her phone slowing her down. I reminded her it was a large race, we were hot and tired and no one was placing or PRing today. She laughed but kept on trucking. Near mile one I was still within 10-15 seconds of her pace, but not close enough to talk. I hit mile 1 around 9:12. Holy wow. I had no business running that quickly with all the other elements added, but hey I’d take it!

Trying not to slow down I settled into the crowd and worked on quick, short turnover of my feet. This kept my breathing steady and my posture strong and I didn’t feel fatigued. Random houses had their sprinklers set near the road and some people were offering to spray us  with hoses.. THANK YOU! It felt great and quickly dried in the heat. I was mad at myself for not taking water, when we were nearing mile 2 and still none had been offered! At this point I was much more behind Gale than I wanted, but I was proud of her and she was still within eye sight on certain sections.

At mile 2 I drank a bit of warm hose water and did my best not to walk. The time was around 19:30, so I knew I had slowed down a tad, but I could still bring it home strong.

Around this point a girl in an orange jersey started running slightly in front of me. Her name in white letting across the back read “J. WOWW” and I enjoyed the idea of running near someone was was obviously a lot of fun.

A few minutes into this final mile a group of ladies passed me talking about running their first race or attempting a marathon, and they seemed so strong and perky! When they passed I was caught up in their spirit and started to run a tad quicker to keep near them and their energy. Without trying I slipped in front of J WOWW.

Finally we took a corner which I knew was a street lined with sprinklers, then the railroad, then a another corner and finish line time!

I quickened my pace as best as I could, but the miles and heat were eating me and I loved the water arching from the lawns onto our skin.

Taking the final corner I thought I was going to throw up. Suddenly J.WOWW and others were attempting to sprint past me to the finish! I started to sprint myself, but my normal sprint wasn’t holding her off. I began to sprint harder than I ever have before, smiling at the thought of the sight of the group of us racing. The crowd noticed and began to cheer. “Go for it” “Keep going” “C’mon SMOKE HER! SMOKE HER” I have no idea which cheers belonged to which girl, but as we flew into a wall of water and burst through onto the finish mats all I wanted was a picture or video footage of our group’s display.

I have never had so much fun or felt so accomplished as I did at the end of that race.

Final results reveal I closed out in a time of 31:00. As did 2 other females. Nice going group. I ranked 20/46 in my AG, at long last this summer ranking 50% or better. And I made 304 overall, not as exciting, but there were some tough people to beat that night! Yikes!

Once we all stretched our legs and caught up with old friends Heidi, Gale and I went to dinner. I enjoyed a $12 hamburger, at least the eating part, not the paying part and drove home where I crashed into bed for an excellent night’s sleep.

As a closing image/gift for reading this recap…here is a picture of a girl from the festival associated with the race. Yes, she has a tail.

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  1. What a fun race recap. And I love the caption “Beast Mode Activated.” That should be a shirt. 🙂

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