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Have you heard of the latest way to get a fun package in your mail every month? It’s Bulu Box and for a small subscription fee you have access to testing and enjoying samples from new companies or new product concepts. A monthly subscription is $10 and you may cancel at any time. If you sign up for 1 year the price is reduced to $110 granting you a free month essentially. It’s also possible to give gift subscriptions, they follow the same pricing pattern. After you receive and evaluate your box, write a review or shoot a video and send it to the Bulu community, they encourage interaction. If you find something you love, the main Bulu site also helps you track it down for easy ordering.

Of course they have a short video explaining the concept:

According to their website:

Get Ready for a Healthy Discovery
Every month, you’ll get a box filled with 4 to 5 nutritional supplements from top brands. Look forward to a new mix of products for both men and women, including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, meal replacement, diet, energy, protein, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more. We’ll make sure you get enough to decide if the product is right for you. No shipping or shady fees. Depending on your plan you can cancel anytime.

It’s true there are a variety of items. In my box I had products I loved, products I hated and companies I was proud to learn about and share with all of you. As for as the statement about being sent enough to make a decision…not so true with all items. Some of the pills only included 1-2 pills aka 1 serving, and that is not enough to know if you like a pill IMHO. However some of the other stuff was plenty enough for making a choice.

Here is a video showcasing my package. Yes, it’s long, but when I made a shorter version simply showing products, I felt it wasn’t sincere. Besides if you watch it all the way through you get a special treat of my reaction to a statement. Ha.

And here is what I was sent in text for those who hate videos or are looking at this from a format not too video friendly:

Life Equals Omega-3

  • WHAT THEY SAY: LIFE= Omega-3 is sourced 100% from wild Norwegian anchovies and sardines harvested in pristine deep-sea waters. Smaller fish are more sustainable for the ocean ecosystem and are a more direct source of omega-3 fatty acids. Cold-pressed processing and state-of-the-art molecular distillation provide maximum levels of DHA and EPA – more than double the industry standards. LIFE= Omega-3 also has a special enteric coating to preserve digestion until the small intestine where it is better absorbed and prevents a fishy aftertaste.
  • WHAT I SAY : I have an aversion to fish oil, since I accidentally chewed some several years ago. However, I love the company’s policy on donating to those less fortunate. I think if you’re going to buy vitamins and supplements, at least get them from a company who is paying it forward. For each item bought and equivalent amount of multivitamin is donated to a child in need. Bottle of 30 capsules? 30 children benefited.


  • WHAT THEY SAY: RevHoney U-Tubes are small tubes of honey and freeze dried fruit. No caffine, no stimulants. Just honey and fruit. They are designed to fit into a pocket, purse or gym bag and durable enough to stand on (though we wouldn’t recommend trying it). The best part is the shelf life is forever. It never goes bad.
  • WHAT I SAY: Have not tried it for myself, but anything made of only fruit and honey is a-ok in my book. When I went to the site I found there are all types of other flavors, including a pending apple and cinnamon…I think I know what I’m ordering for my ultras this fall.

Pure Matters Vitamin D3

  • WHAT THEY SAY: Those warm rays of sun gently beating down your back do more than just relax you. They cause your body to produce a vitamin that has profound benefits for your bones, heart, immunity, mood and neurological health. Our need for vitamin D increases as we age. But we don’t always get enough natural sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency can result in a range of serious health problems; some studies even link it with an increased cancer risk. Supplementing with Pure Matters Vitamin D3 ensures that you’re always getting a daily amount of this vitamin. We give you a highly potent, 100% vegetarian capsule that supports your whole system. Here’s a ray of sunlight for your health.
  • WHAT I SAY: Another company who seem to care about the overall wellness of the person. This company has an interactive site and offers $10 off your first shipment with a coupon code in the Bulu Box.
  • Twitter: @PureMatters 


  • WHAT THEY SAY:NightFood™ is a delicious nighttime snack, formulated to help you fall asleep more easily, tackle late night hunger and maintain optimal blood glucose levels for more rejuvenating and restful sleep.
  • WHAT I SAY: Seemed like a great concept upon viewing. I have been having issues with falling asleep and I always get a sweet tooth at night. Enter perfect solution? Almost…it’s made with palm oil so no dice for me. boo.
  • Twitter: @NightFoodBars 

Cellucor Super HD

  • WHAT THEY SAY: After months of closely guarded research and development, and an exhaustive beta testing period, Cellucor has constructed a perfect, powerful thermogenic – a cutting edge product that delivers High-Def clarity, to your mind, and your body. Cellucor Super HD combines powerful fat-burning ingredients and potent nootropic compounds to deliver a powerful energy, focus, and ‘feel-good’ weight-loss product.
  • WHAT I SAY: I think we all know where I stand with this item if you saw the video. It is products like this which make me shy away from the whole supplement community as a whole. I can’t emphasize enough, when a majority of your packaging is a * warning * that is not a good sign.
  • Twitter: @Cellucor 

Interested in learning more about Bulu Box? Stop by their website, visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Personally I won’t be signing up for delivery, it’s a great concept, but at the moment there are far more pills than “food” so it wouldn’t be up my alley. I will check back in the future as they form different partnerships though.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Bulu Box for my own review and enjoyment free of charge, there was no obligation for a review and all opinions are my own. Several text items taken from Bulu Box official website.

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  1. I enjoy your sincere, honest reviews. I like when someone is real about products. I’ve been interested in giving the Bulu Box a try to find out about new healthy items out there. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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