What’s Beautiful? Concluded?

Although there was a gap in progress toward the middle, I am proud to report as of nearly midnight last night, I completed all challenges for the Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful competition to redefine the female athlete.

There were 18 challenges in all, 6 in each category of “drive” “compete” and “influence”. My favorites were:

Milestone…where I showed I was closer to my goal. I have a video of myself doing 50 pushups. I still can’t believe it

No Excuses…highlighting the mental change I went through when I was worried about not being “girly” enough if I did muscle work

Back to the School Yard…who knew jumping rope would be such a work out and bring back such great memories?

Pin it…because let’s be honest Pinterest is hot right now

Make it Your Own…I can’t draw very well, but coming up with a design and logic behind my perfect outfit was fun.

The 10 finalists will be announced on Tuesday. I seriously want this sooooo badly. I’m not just loving UA as a brand, but as a concept too. They truly go above and beyond selling clothing and accessories. I’m not one to be outright brand loyal, but I am not afraid so say they have won me over and I would be proud to represent them this year, next year or any year.

Please hop over to my profile to see all the latest and former submissions. According to the site, the main competition is ending, but not the site. Hopefully that means more challenges to come? And of course motivating those who are just starting out on their journey.

5 thoughts on “What’s Beautiful? Concluded?

  1. Congrats on completing all the challenges!! I finished mine over the weekend too. Phew!! I really did love the What’s Beautiful competition and so glad that I joined in. I know what you mean, I kind of want this badly too. Fingers crossed for both of us!!

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