Week Six Reflections

Well kids, we’re down to the wire with this fitness and nutrition stuff and to perfectly honest, I fear I’m growing redundant, let’s just talk shop and get down to business.


What I realized this week is 10 weeks is not enough time to totally change your living habits if you have far to go. Part of me is frustrated by this for myself, part of me realizes this ties into my work as well. See, we have 8 week classes where we try to teach clients about the disease concept of addiction, family dynamics, defense mechanisms, coping skills, communications skills, stages of change and so much more. Walking in with a blank slate…that is A LOT to learn, comprehend and institute for life long changes.

This is not much different from what I am going through with this series. Maybe I wasn’t a McDonald’s every night girl, but quite honestly, you can still do serious damage without stepping foot in a fast food place. I’m trying to be different now.

Last Sunday I spent the day grocery shopping and cooking. I only used the “approved list”. This week (I’m cheating on my timelines here a little) I did the same. I found planning ALL my meals for the week and building a list based on those requirements helped a TON when it comes to not over buying. I also try to plan meals which use similar foods. So if something calls for 1/2 a green pepper I will make something else where I can use the other half. If all else fails, it goes in a container and into the freezer. I might get the hang of this after all! Honestly as of Sunday night ALL my meals for the week were cooked and ready to go. I can’t express the level of stress this has taken out of my pending week. Especially since we’ve been challenged to use SUPER FOODS in our weekly planning. I’ll let you know next week how that goes.


It occurred to me the disservice I’ve done myself by skipping the 3rd day of weights every week. Finally I see a difference. Now if I had only done those other days, I would be at a place similar to another 3 weeks or so! YIKES! My bad. I had this conversation on Monday with my trainer:

Trainer: Does everyone see or feel a difference?
Me : I keep finding mystery hard places on my body.
Trainer : Those are muscles

Yes, I was being silly. Honestly though, it is awesome how my body is changing. I no longer have “chicken wings” under my arms. I can see definition in my chin and neck. Really my whole arm is changing. Still, I’m frustrated by the sides and my lower belly, all in due time I suppose. I WAS able to run in shorts this weekend and wear my cute shorts from last summer, while still breathing. Something must be changing, right?

Also, when I went for my run with Emme on Saturday morning. I tripped over a root and went flying forward. I seriously felt my abs and core engage and keep me from face planting and pulling me back up into a proper running posture. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had with my body. Nice work muscles!

Here are the work out moves for this week:

3 sets

  • 10-15 walking lunges
  • 12 each side, side twist and reach w/ medicine ball
  • 10 side “step” planks

3 sets

  • 10 bicep curl, 10 kickbacks (or overhead extension)
  • 12 reverse fly
  • 10 alternating chest-press on balance ball

3 sets

  • 12 each side, upper body rotation on balance ball
  • 12 side crunch with medicine ball
  • 45 second plank

Thanks for sticking around through all of this with me. I really do appreciate each and every one of your comments and kind words.

9 thoughts on “Week Six Reflections

  1. I think in general we all want to see changes fast because we are working hard and shaking things up. But the good news is with weight loss slow and steady really is more lasting because it means like you said you are changing your life.

    Weights are my big must do thing now! i’ve always been a cardio person but that muscle makes a difference

  2. Awesome job with the meal preparation! That is something I really, REALLY needed to work on when starting out in Health and Fitness!

    Keep up the great work! WoO HoO!

  3. Advance planning is always good. I alwasy find that I can eat half an avocado with my food, but feel bad about the other half. It never lasts as long as I want it to and I always find myself buying more.

    Maybe my avocado and your bell pepper can hang out.

    • Hmmm you may be on to something with the cross-breeding of plants. What to call it? Avo-pepper? Green-cado?

  4. Keep up the great work! It is hard to not become frustrated when you are working really hard and the results seem like they are taking forever. Just know that you are making a complete change of your lifestyle for the better! You will see the results and you are seeing some now anyway!

    • It’s hard to do, right? One thing I noticed is I am often a mood eater…so I don’t know what I’ll want on Friday how can I make it Sunday or Monday? Guess I need to get over that one…

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