Week Four & Five Reflections

With the excitement of the holiday and all the other scheduled posts, my reflections did not go up as planned. To keep things simple (K.I.S.S) I am combining two weeks.

Week Four

Can you believe it was a month ago I started this challenge? It seems I should be so much closer to all my dreams and goals than I feel or see myself at in this stage of the game. I keep repeating how I am making small steps and they should be life long changes, but I want quicker results. I want to drop 20 pounds and inches upon inches. I want to not be ashamed to be seen or photographed. It’s so frustrating not to be where I planned to be 4 weeks ago.

What have I noticed to keep me going? Well, not much, but here are a few things. 1) I hurt myself with a muscle while sleeping. No seriously I did. My head was on my upper arm and Emme came over and did something to my lower arm. I tensed and tried to move, but in my half awake state I was not coordinated. My bicep muscle poked me right in the eye. THAT was never there before! How rude! 2) I am starting to want to eat healthy snacks. I look for the apple and string cheese. I look for the peanut butter or whatever else protein/carb/fiber mix. Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some sugar…but it’s not my go to snack. I’ve noticed when I feel cranky or hungry I want to eat “comfort food” but if I eat “real” food I get the same result…happy and not hungry. I will have to make better choices more often.


I’ll know better how I did when I get my food logs returned. My teacher was absent this past week, so we had a guest speaker. We learned more about fitness than eating.Β  I’m still struggling with eating more often and with spending less at the grocery store.


We learned a lot this week. Such as…did you know if you’re not challenging your muscles with weights, you’re basically doing cardio and not weight training? It’s true. If you can easily carry around 3-5lb weights so you’re doing Zumba or walking the treadmill those weights are not there to tone and they won’t make you look leaner…it all dumps into cardio because it’s too easy for you. I am infinitely guilty of that and have wondered where my results have been. Now I know!

Also, think about what you want to achieve. Just as various cardio will produce different results, so will different weight training. Do you want to be stronger? Leaner? Do you want to build more muscle? All require a different pattern of weight/reps/sets. Also heavier isn’t always better. Let’s do the math:

50lb weight x 7 reps x 3 sets = 1050 total

25lb weight x 15 reps x 3 sets = 1125 total

Yes, there are more reps, but look it’s using HALF the weight. Decrease your weight initially and up your reps…your muscles will get a better work out overall and your total weight shouldn’t suffer.

Interesting, right?

Well, here is the video for the week. Enjoy!

Do the moves yourself.

45 seconds touching toes to a basketball/medicine ball or running in place (get your knees up). Grab a set of weights and get to a step about 2 standard steps high or an aerobic step, hold weights at your side and step up and back quickly doing 15 for each leg. Lay on a balance ball and walk yourself out, using your core to balance, as far as you can go. Walk yourself back and do 10 reps. Do 3 sets of these moves.

Next, bicep curl for 15 reps. Rows with weights for 15 or pulling the lat bar if you have a machine, and 15 weighted side bends. Complete 3 sets.

Moving on, perform 10 pullups, 10 banded squat walks and 10 side reaches. Complete 3 sets.

Wrap things up with abs. Do 20 balance ball curls and 12 out and up lower body leg thrusts. Complete 2 sets.


No inches lost, perhaps 1 inch gained around my middle.

Week Five

This week started off as one of the worst weeks, and ended as one of my best. We did not work out Monday (as it was the holiday) which kinda threw my week off. I did run the Tallmadge Memorial 5K, but I also felt sick. Actually, I’ve been having a lot of stomach issues lately and I think it is my body still adjusting to new food supplies. Increased fiber and natural sources of fuel have to be the reasons (right?). Anyway…so I started the week in a sour mood. By workout on Wednesday I couldn’t smile I couldn’t say anything nice. I felt fat and bloat, I felt worthless and I couldn’t get into pants I liked. After 5 weeks I was NO WHERE and I was mad. Then things started to shift


We didn’t get our food log the week before (guest speaker) so I have not had any feedback. When I finally saw my sheets and had the feedback I was floored. I am barely eating what I need. I KNOW the pattern I should be eating, but I am not following it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cheating, I’m just not eating. I get distracted easily and hunger isn’t something I tune into a lot. For example, Friday I had rice and veggies and egg whites for breakfast. However I knocked it onto the floor by accident. #Fail, ya know? My coworker gave me a granola bar. See the difference? Then I skipped my snack and have veggie nuggets and a box of frozen veggies for lunch. On the way to work out I stopped to by a string cheese and an apple. The apple was starting to rot, so I only ate the cheese. After my work out I had 1/2 a sub with chicken and spinach. See? Nothing horrible, but so little fuel! Ugg. No wonder I can’t lose weight.

What did I learn from class? More reminders about not drinking juice (better to eat the fruit, more good stuff and less sugar) and visuals on just how much sugar is added to our food. ick. We talked about the grocery store and reading label and not going inside the aisles if we want the freshest and best selection. I actually went shopping today and followed my list from class and did not go into any aisles except to buy the stewed tomatoes. It was actually Really exciting to me. Great now I’m a food dork. And you know what do you don’t see enough of? Frozen fruit. What’s up with that?


Wed and Fri were great days to work out this week. I think I need to really start doing something on Friday even if it isn’t hard core. I’ve decided to start viewing fitness as a privileged not as a duty. More to come on that concept, but basically if I don’t eat right during the day I am only harming myself when I push out a rough workout. You wouldn’t swim without a suit, right? Or ride a bike without tires? Not having the proper fuel is setting yourself up for pain and disappointment.

Wed we did the circuit training and I knocked out half a mile in the pool. Friday I only did the circuit training. Here is the how-to vlog of the week.


Circuit training. Start with a 45 second wall sit, run partially around a track (or 30 seconds in place) then do 10 burpees, run to the next station do 10 push ups, run to the next station do 10 leg raises. Repeat. Do 3 sets of 2 reps with a 2 minute active rest (walking) between each set.

Next, do 15 back extensions. Either using a machine or a balance ball. Do bird-dogs either on a mat or BOSU, 12 on each side. 3 sets

Wrap things up with ab work. 30-45 seconds bicycle, 10 “toe touches”, 10 2-part crunches, 10 low ab lifts, finish wish Russian twists, going lower every 10 second for 30 second. Complete 2 sets.


One inch off my middle and 1/2 an inch off my hips. Making the total 1 inch off my chest, 2 from my middle and 1 from my hips since initial check in.

6 thoughts on “Week Four & Five Reflections

  1. Hey Julie it is a slow process so hang in there, this are 2 things that have worked for me. Plan your meal for the whole week on Sunday, make and portion it out and have them ready to go, you will know how many calories and you don’t have to worry about what to eat, just grab and go. Also eliminate white food (white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoe) and you probably don’t want to hear this but for 1 week cut out any wheat and dairy, which means for 1 week you will have protein, vegetable, brown rice/sweet potato/quinoa, egg, then week 2 just add 1 thing back, this help you figure out what makes you bloat. You will be amaze at what a difference a week makes, I have learn to do a lot of my baking with Almond flour and not wheat flour and absolutely love it. Good luck on your journey.

    • I’ve heard of doing that and people have loved the results. For now I’m kinda locked into what the dietician says since I signed up for the program and promised to follow their instructions. I will have to give those steps a try once I’m on my own again

  2. Keep up the amazing work! We have to be patient with change and progress…as much as we want things right now, time is what it takes. YOU WILL GET THERE πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Julie! I love you vlogs! I have not yet ventured into vlogging… I’m waiting for the inspiration to do one, though. πŸ™‚
    I’m excited to link up with you at Fitbloggin! And I love your blog- so many helpful tips! I could definitely do better with weight training. I’d much rather be out running, so it’s always the first thing to go if I’m short on time.

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