Week Eight Reflections

Well kids, Monday I attended my makeup session for personal training and last Thursday I attended my final “nutrition” class. This journey has come to a close. Tomorrow I will learn my final numbers and we shall see on paper how far I have come. Before we allow them to tell me, why don’t I decide for myself?


First, the last class was a joke. It was 45 minutes of “believe in yourself” motivational speaking. Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t evil in and of itself, but that’s ALL we did! I walked away with nothing at all from that particular class. Oy.

HOWEVER. Last week I did something accidentally, but on purpose stupid. See, I didn’t go grocery shopping the week before. This lead to a serious lack of food in the house. Which lead to me eating scraps and eating out a lot or simply not eating at all. There were more than a day or two where what I ate was a bowl of cereal and then a piece of chicken with some rice. I reverted to my old habits. While I will say fast food still tastes AWESOME, not eating made me feel like poo-poo. I had no energy, I had a crappy attitude. I cried like it was going out of style, I was such a wreck. Little changes every week actually added up. I may not be perfect, but I am far from where I was and I can’t go back. This week I loaded up on the fruits and veggies and made a meal plan for the week.


Bad news troops, my trainer has asked I do not make videos of the final moves. Apparently if you want to learn them, you should pay the big bucks. To satisfy your video needs allow me to present several clips from the challenges I did for Under Armour.

There is this little thing known as the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. As a female I would perform a 3 mile run, flexed arm hang and crunches. I knew approximately how my 3 mile run would go (around 30 minutes), but it’s been years since I’ve tried a full crunch or any type of flexed arm hang. Seriously, like back in early elementary school and probably for the President’s Physical Fitness Test.

My sister and I filmed the first attempt at crunches, where you actually come ALL the way up to your knees. OUCH those are tough! For my age and gender I needed 45 in 2 minutes to meet the minimum. I managed to knock out 42. I think I could have done more, except this was the second attempt. In the first video I farted several times and accidentally elbowed her dog in the head and quit crunching to laugh. The video is the second attempt.

The other task was the flexed arm hang. This video shows both attempts. Attempt #1 I don’t even make it 7 seconds. Attempt #2 I hang there for about 1 minute. Neither attempt is valid. A person needs to keep their head ABOVE the bar. Well, no way was I making the 15 second cutoff for this task! Still, it was fun to try. Afterward I managed to move across 1/2 the monkey-bars before laughing and falling. It was a laughing kind of day apparently.

It feels good to know I’ve managed to come far in 10 weeks. Maybe I don’t look the way I wanted, maybe I don’t fully feel the way I wanted either. I’ve been struggling with all of this for a while now though, and at least I’m making progress.

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  1. Awesome job with your progress girlllll!!! It’s the best feeling when you finally start to see your hard work pay off

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