Three Years Already?

Three years ago I sat down and wrote these words:

Posted on June 21, 2009

Hello. My name is Julie and I am 24 years old. ROJ stands for Republic of Julie which is where my Mom jokingly says I live because I insist on doing things my own way. I started running about three years ago and I am very much in love with it, but do not have the time or genetics to be as amazing as I would like to be…or so I say as an excuse. I live in northeast Ohio and plan to use this blog to talk about my training for my first marathon. This week will be my third week of training and I think if I have to own up to someone/something it might help me take things more seriously. I’ll talk about past races, friends and current events as well as non running related items. Some of my events will be multisport events, and I am a HUGE fan of cross training. Things I struggle with and you might read about: Not being “fast” like some of my other friends and being overweight. No, I am not fat, but I am far from tiny and I think tall leggy blondes are out to get me at every event. HA. I know a lot of people blog about training who are really strong or well known or really decidated. I wanted to put something out there for those who care but do not always have the time or whatever other excuses we might come up with. Here is an example of why I sometimes skip workouts. I work 40 hours a week and am a full time graduate student. Fun Fun Fun.

Funny how if you swap out the age and the fact I am no longer in graduate school and this could be the intro to ROJ Running today. I am proud this blog has remained true to its core over the years. We’ve seen name changes and friend changes and preference for races or clothing change. At the root of it all though, is a girl who loves running and wants to share her passion with the world.

ROJ in its first year, gave me the social support I needed to travel to Niagara Falls and complete my first marathon. For bday #1 I gave her a name change. Originally I was known as “There Are No Downsides In ROJ” which gave way to “Brace Yourself: ROJ Presents A Multisport Life”. Yes, for a while I focused on triathlon or so I planned and I embraced the 2 years I had a mouth full of metal.

On birthday #2 I gave the gift of another name change “ROJ RUNNING” which is the final name change, as well as buying a domain name. There was no more “blogspot” to be seen. This year I gave myself the gift of self hosting, the gift that keeps on giving.

When I started my blog, there was no site for it on Facebook, there was no Twitter account or YouTube or Instagram or Google+. It was me and my words. It is beyond amazing the various ways people have opted to reach out and connect over the years.

My site has given me pride and satisfaction as well as personal connections. If it wasn’t for my site I do not believe I would have ever become a Marathon Bars Ambassador. I certainly would not be a current FitFluential Ambassador. I’ve had the privilege of attending events, reviewing products, reading books and meeting some of my best friends through this blog.

Some people say running a blog is like working a part-time job. I say 1) Why aren’t you doing more? and 2) When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

My blog is based on my life. When I’m living my life, my blog is thriving. When I’m not, my content suffers too. Luckily, I have a great life and plan to keep it as such for many many years. Thank you everyone and here is to another 3 and another and another and another x forever.

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    • Everyone is always so surprised when I tell them what ROJ is…but I feel like I tell them all the time. Guess I need to put it out there more? Haha. Thanks for stopping by

  1. Congrats! How fun to watch your blog evolve over the years. And I agree–blogging is such an enjoyable past-time/pt job. It also affords so many wonderful opportunities!

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