Three Things Thursday

1. I have had an odd metal-esque taste on the tip of my tongue on and off all week. If I’m not dying or my gums are not rotting it probably mean I either have heart burn or allergies. Gonna go ahead an go with the allergies on this one…as I know that to be true. Still not feeling like taking anything though, yes, I’m stubborn. If a slight off taste in my mouth and a bit of stuffy in the morning is what I deal with, then I can do without the extra meds in my body. On a related note…going to be dusting and vacuuming up a storm this weekend.

2. All of my male best friends feel the need to move away from me. Andrew moved away for college immediately after high school. He spent time in Connecticut, Massachusetts and now Oklahoma. I’ve been to the first two, still waiting on the last. He’s in town for a brief period of time and we’re going to make another day trip of it like we did when we went to Little Italy, like a couple of local tourists.

Tom is moving to the DC area next week. He leaves the 5th! WTF. I am very happy he got a great job in his field and so soon after graduation, but really? You have to move away from me? Tears, tears for the next forever.

Luckily Mr B is stuck. Well, maybe he isn’t? People quit their awesome jobs and sell their houses all the time, right?

3. I was sent this very cool book by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 1,001 Pearls of Running Wisdom : Advice and Inspiration for the Open Road. I was worried it would be a type of dry memoir, but it is actually a super cute and fun coffee table type book. There are several chapters or sections, each covering various aspects of running. Each part is filled with quotes from celebrities, to trainers or athletes. Great conversation piece or something to flip through when looking for a good mantra for your next event.


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