Race Report : The Color Run Cleveland

Wow, what a colorful weekend I had on Friday and Saturday! On Friday I introduced you all to a new friend…the rainbow green smoothie. Then on Saturday I took part in The Color Run, making a stop for the first time in the Cleveland area!

The Color Run, is another “fun” type 5K. Essentially, everyone starts the race wearing mostly white (and nothing you can’t deal with ruining) and as you approach each “K” (as opposed to mile) there is a color zone. First yellow, then green, then blue and finally orange. At the very end everyone has various colors in their own packages and upon designated countdown everyone in the crowd throws their color into the air for a final, giant burst of color!

Each zone has a “high” and “low” section, although I don’t think it’s possible to avoid it all together. The color itself is colored corn starch and won’t hurt you. I will say however, it will annoy you when it doesn’t easily bathe/shower off later and everyone around town is looking at you. And again when you sneeze or cough later and it’s black (mixture of all colors plus whatever else) and for a brief moment you forgot what you did earlier and you think you might be dying…

For a complete set of photos, check out my album from my fan page, or over on photobucket.

Here is how my day went with my sister and mother.

We arrived at the location, luckily we get there early enough to park at the site and not to park where it involves shuttles and deadlines. Still, we park on the OTHER side of the mall, which means we have a walk to the packet pickup, back to the car and again over to the start. Not that we aren’t in shape to walk, it’s just bothersome and it is getting warm(er) out with each passing moment. We manage to get our stuff though, and were back over with plenty of time to mingle. Stuff includes bib number, pins, shirt (not pictured), Color Runner headband, temporary tattoo and finish line packet of color.

Mom, myself and the sister all clean and ready for action!

Mom sporting her temp tat

We scoped out the “store” and opted not to buy anything extra, then milled about and waited for things to begin. Extra stuff included, sunglasses, knee socks, other sweat bands, shirts, hats, extra color, Frisbees and probably a lot more. There were SO MANY people and it took “waves” to get started. We couldn’t even make it into the corrals at first, so we stood in the grass and waited. It was a long while before we got started, but we chatted and tried not to feel too hot standing in direct sun light.

Eventually we did get to break free onto the open road and I encouraged my family to run! I told them they could walk when we arrived at the first color zone, which would be less than a mile. Neither of them felt like running in the heat. It made me realize, although I complain and think I’m a big baby, I still have a higher tolerance than most when I’m out running.

As I said before, the colors went, yellow, green, blue, orange. After green Mom and I followed the crowd into someone’s yard to run through their sprinkler. Hey it was hot!! Becky didn’t because she used to be fun, but now she isn’t (haha) So she took our picture. Here is a collection of photos along the course.

At the end Becky and I were separated from Mom, who apparently wondered off to the stage and front of the crowd (go Mom) and was hoping to find us to dance on stage. Sis and I ran around “sneak attacking” people with color and being “sneak attacked” until the final burst of color!

Then it was time to take more group shots and finally head back to the car and home for some showering and lunch.

Not gonna lie, I ate a half slab of ribs in like record time followed by mashed potatoes and baked beans. Judge if you want, it was epic. We all went out for fro yo after because there is FINALLY one within a reasonable distance from my house. In fact it’s within biking distance, so be ready for a lot of that this summer.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend, even if it wasn’t as colorful.

13 thoughts on “Race Report : The Color Run Cleveland

  1. Oh my gosh! I have wondered how these runs actually worked! The pics are AWESOME!! I think I’ll def look for one near me! Looks like you had a blast!!

  2. I’m running the Color Run in October in DC this year, and I can’t freaking WAIT!!!!!! I’ll be meeting some fellow FFA’s there! This looks like you had a fabulous time, and it’s fantastic that you ran it with your mom…I wish mine lived closer, because I’d make her run this one with me. 😉

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