Product Review : Zensah Athletic Compression Socks

Recently, I had to eat my own words when it came to a running product.

Time and time again I raved about my various compression sleeves and swore I would never go the sock route. In my mind it would hurt my ankles, make my feet sweat or blister or simply feel too bulky.

Nothing pleases me more than to report I was wrong…very…very…wrong.

Wonderful Corey of Team Zensah contacted me about two months ago and asked if I would be willing to review a pair of their Athletic Compression Socks. At first I was thrilled to be contacted by Zensah, I’ve had my eye on that company for years. Then I was curious what other products they had and if I could/should ask to review those as well or instead. I considered asking for sleeves instead to compare apples to apples, or a top or sports bra. Finally I responded with a simple “yes” and knew the world works in mysterious ways and obviously I was meant to wear these socks.

Look at all the runs I’ve been using them during. I fell in love instantly and brought them to everything from the dry trails of Emerald Crossing to the wet roads of Spring Classic.  The snowy cold morning of April RAINN and the unusual heat and humidity of the Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K. And those are just the races!

People asked me time and again if they were too tight or if they were hard to use or if they were too warm once the weather broke. Here are the thoughts I had while running various routes.

  • Wow these feel really nice under my feet, not too much padding and a sense of ventilation on the tops and sides.
  • I’m trying to find any fault with these…but I keep forgetting I even have them on. I suppose that speaks volumes.
  • My quads hurt. Interesting, I notice that because my calves do not hurt.
  • I can’t believe how easy these are to take on and off. I don’t feel like my legs swelled and now they’re bonded to my skin.
  • Amazingly they keep my skin feeling dry, cool or warm exactly as needed.
  • I’m not used to this type of compression. I can’t feel it? Is it working? (later on) I think the fact I haven’t had any pain means it’s working.
  • This fabric feels fabulous. No itching or digging into the back of my knees.

From the website they are described as follows:

The Zensah Athletic Compression Socks are the most innovative athletic compression socks within the athletic market. Each pair of athletic compression socks is made in Italy using seamless technology to prevent any irritation. The athletic compression socks were designed by a professional athletic trainer and feature ProGrade Compression Technology – the optimal amount of compression for athletes.

The athletic compression socks use graduated compression to increase oxygen blood flow to energize your legs prior to any athletic activity, enhance athletic performance during an athletic activity, and aid in recovery after any athletic activity. The Zensah Athletic Compression Sock will enable you to perform athletic activities at a whole new level.

The Zensah Athletic Compression Socks are the only athletic compression socks to incorporate arch support as part of the athletic compression socks – allowing your legs to last longer during athletic activities. Each pair of athletic compression socks are made with propriety Zensah fabric, which is both anti-microbial and thermo-regulating. The athletic compression socks keep your legs cool in hot weather and comfortable in cold weather.

Sizing is based on shoe size for males and females, and depending on your size your color options may include, white, black, argyle, sand or pink! I think I will order a pair in black and pink. They are currently listed at the site at $49.99 (US dollars).

Compression socks have certainly become a new staple in my fitness performance and recovery. I’m glad I was willing to give them a chance and I’m glad Corey took the time to reach out to me! Stop on over and see what Zensah has to offer for your needs.

You can also follow them on TwitterFacebook or YouTube.

Sound off! Have you worn compression sleeves or socks? Which do you prefer? What is YOUR favorite Zensah product?

Disclaimer : I was sent a pair of Zensah Compression Socks free of charge in return for my review. All opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Product Review : Zensah Athletic Compression Socks

  1. I don’t own any Zensah products but that might have to change after reading his post. I have a pair of compression socks that have been great in recovery of all sorts of physical activities. They are a must have after a long run, that’s for sure!

  2. I have Zensah as well… they are super easy to use. I wear them while I sleep as recovery on long runs. Or during the day post run. I’m really digging them. I also have quad sleeves that work wonders.

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