I’m Swimming Across Lake Erie

I’m swimming across Lake Erie this summer!

Don’t believe me? Well, I should probably fill you in on a few of the details. See, I won’t be swimming across the ACTUAL Lake Erie and I won’t be doing it in one solid attempt. Some may scoff at this information and accuse me sensationalizing and to this I say….so what?

Lake Erie at its greatest breadth stretches approximately 57 miles. The Ohio Masters Swim Club www.ohiomasters.com have designed a virtual swim starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day, where participants log (with the honor system) their weekly miles in an attempt to swim across the lake by the end of the ~15 weeks.

Let’s do the math, that’s about 3.8 miles of swimming per week!

Last week I managed to swim .5 miles. Luckily I got back on the ball and completed a solid mile on Monday night. It took me about an hour (ugg) but I did it! First time I’ve ever swam a mile ( ; My hope is each time it’ll get easier and easier and I’ll get quicker. The Grunt Girls meet Monday and Friday nights for group swim practice at Munroe Falls Park, so I plan to buy my swim pass and join them once the 10-week LiteStyles is over.

If I am perfectly honest, I can admit I have serious fears/doubts of finishing this task. At 1 mile per hour I am looking at a HUGE chunk of time. I will either have to go out 4 or more times a week to keep up with my miles or I will have to get faster so I can get multiple miles in a day. Which is more likely to happen?

Regardless, I love swimming, I was a total fish growing up and in High School I worked as a lifeguard for many years. In graduate school I joined the swim club with a friend and was evaluated as “intermediate” level, and was good enough I could have competed if I wanted. I never believed I was good enough though, and regret I never tried. Doing this virtual swim gives me a goal and motivation to include more water in my training. Swimming is great for all over workout and cardio endurance, plus it’s low impact meaning when my IT band or SI acts up, I can pop into the pool.

Never fear, just as this blog has never changed to ROJ Cycling it will not change to ROJ Swimming. I love all sorts of sports or fitness activities and I enjoy sharing my passions and experiences.

Follow along and/or join in on the fun too!

15 thoughts on “I’m Swimming Across Lake Erie

  1. um – HOLY COW. You are an inspiration!! I can’t wait to follow your journey with this! I’m just trying to work myself up to 1 mile of swimming – so 3.8 a WEEK is AWESOME!

    • Aww thanks so much! It is quite the task. 1 mile of swimming is nothing to scoff at though! Keep it up!

  2. I want to learn how to swim. It’s the only thing holding me back from a triathlon. But maybe one day! And you will swim Lake Erie. I climb the Empire State building (yes it’s on a StairMaster, but what’s the difference :))

    • OH you should learn! It’s a very enjoyable activity. Do you do duathlons then? To skip the swim part?

    • haha, thanks for taking it off. I know how much spam sucks, I’ve been getting hit with a TON since moving to self hosting.

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