Friday Food : Wild Planet Tuna, BBQ Style!

Are you growing tired of ribs and hamburgers yet? Thinking you’ll never grow tired of BBQ, and want to take a bath in it? Eh, I can’t really help you there, but I can introduce you to this idea!

BBQ “pulled” tuna sandwich

What you need:

  • 1 can tuna (5oz)
  • 1/4 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • optional: garlic, onions, favorite seasonings


  1. Open tuna, drain if needed or rinse if needed
  2. In a bowl, combine tuna, BBQ sauce and Worcestershire  sauce. Also any spices or other add-ins
  3. Mix until well blended, adding additional sauce or water to get desired texture
  4. Heat in microwave or mix everything together in a sauce pan on the stove
  5. Place on bread, add pickles, cheese or whatever else
  6. Enjoy!

Comments, Pictures and Product Review:

Have you heard of Wild Planet Tuna? What about the other Wild Planet foods? Shrimp, salmon, crab or sardines?

Honestly, I had never heard of them either until Shaina of Crier Communications, Inc, contacted me about a possible review. At first I politely declined as she offered me the option to sample the shrimp. As many people know I am NOT a “seafood” fan. However, I do not think of canned tuna or salmon patties as seafood. I explained to her I loved the idea of canned shrimp and totally could promote its use as a healthy snack or addition to various salads and meals, but I would not be willing to eat it myself and decided the review would not be genuine.

To my surprise she wrote back and gave me excellent news, Wild Planet also has canned tuna! She quickly sent me coupons for 3 cans of Wild Planet tuna or sardines.

It was suggested I go to Whole Foods to purchase my items, but a little research told me they were also available at Giant Eagle and Heinen’s. Personally I love Whole Foods, but it’s a bit of a drive, so I was excited to learn it was also available at two grocery stores within walking or even biking distance. Sadly, my local GE did not carry the product. Lucky me, Heinen’s did have it in stock! Along with the sardines, and I think shrimp, but I did not see any of the other types of product. (Note: if it isn’t in your area, you can order it on-line at

I picked out a can of no salt added albacore tuna.

According to their website this is the description (emphasis mine):

Firm in texture with a rich, clean taste, our tuna steaks are hand packed raw into each BPA-free can without any added salt, oil, water or fillers. Our tuna is cooked just once to retain all of the natural juices rich in Omega 3 oils, and also contains less than half the mercury as compared to nationally branded tuna due to the smaller fish we catch. Please don’t drain our tuna – the juices enhance your meal with pure flavor. A Wild Planet tuna sandwich just may be the best you’ve ever tasted!

I was so excited to see the side panel and read it ONLY contained tuna! And this tuna is wild caught, not farm raised giving it a better source of nutrients and IMHO a better life. Hey, I may not be a vegetarian, but I care about animals. If you follow fishing methods for your tuna, make sure you read up on WP’s stance and why they do it differently. Nutrition-wise, there is only 100mg of salt and 16g of protein in a can! WOW I’m impressed! Worried about the higher calories? Please note this is because the tuna is packed in its own juices, which will of course have calories. Other tuna is often packaged in water or oils, lacking the calories, but also lacking the added nutrition.

What else did I notice about this tuna?

  1. I did drain it. I don’t like too much moisture in my food. It used to upset my stomach back when I first had my gallbladder out and I’ve kept those habits.
  2. It did not smell “fishy”. Previous tunas I’ve used had a very distinct smell. Cats from the whole city would know what I was eating. WP tuna I couldn’t smell unless I shoved my face up against the can.
  3. The product looked real, looked natural. It did not get “mushy”.

Not only is the product great, it would appear so is the company. Something that is a pet peeve of mine, are overly doctored photos to promote a product. Like with fast food, when has something you ordered EVER looked the way it did in an advertisement? Ugg. WP doesn’t fancy it up. Look at their official PR image of an open can and then look at the one I snapped. Seriously, very similar!

Without a doubt I will prefer this tuna over other brands from this point! Still, it’s more expensive. Like depending on the sale, more than 2x the price. Much like other items, you get what you pay for though. If you’re looking for tuna as a snack or a throw away meal, go ahead and buy the sale stuff. If you’re looking for a meal, if you’re looking for an upgrade and you’re making an effort to put good, strong sources of fuel into your body, then consider spending the extra money. If nothing else your taste buds will appreciate it!


Want to try some Wild Planet tuna or sardines for yourself? You’re in luck! I only used one of my coupons, because I wanted to pay it forward. I will give a coupon away to two different readers. All you have to do is leave me a comment. Let me know why you want to try Wild Planet, your favorite way to prepare tuna, or just a general comment about life.

I will randomly select from the comments next Friday and notify the winners, so either check back, have an actively linked email or leave your email in the comment. Have a GREAT weekend!

Disclaimer: I was provided with coupons for the free tuna in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Friday Food : Wild Planet Tuna, BBQ Style!

  1. I never thought of adding BBQ sauce or Worcestershire sauce to my Tuna! Thanks for the idea!

    I love Tuna and enjoy scrambling it into my Egg Whites 🙂

  2. I’m a vegetarian but my hubby loves tuna (so does my cat haha!). They would both be very thankful 🙂 Love your blog!

  3. I’m not commenting for the vouchers (not available to me). But I am a fan of tuna too and I love that you’ve found something as ‘real’ as possible. It’s not often you find a brand with decent fishing practices!

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  5. That tuna did look amazing! I have never seen anything that high in quality come out of a can. I am curious about making it BBQ.

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  7. I like to eat tuna salad in lettuce boats! I add a bit of vegenaise and a bit of homemade zucchini relish to the tuna and pile it on a lettuce leaf and devour it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hi… I would like to try Wild Planet Albacore Tuna with no salt because I have high blood pressure and I am also in a training program to get back in shape! This brand was recommended because of its no salt and low mercury content. I am looking forward to trying it!. Thank you, Lori

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