Welcome Under Armour, to Aurora Ohio!

Disclaimer: UA has no idea I’m writing this post and I am not being compensated. I simply had a great time and love the products and wanted to share.

Over the weekend I was able to do something I have always wanted to be a part of, but never thought I would have the chance. I attended a grand opening for a clothing store!

Now, it wasn’t exclusive and I wasn’t personally invited or anything, but it was still amazing.

A few weeks ago I wanted to update my Under Armour clothing. I knew they made amazing bras and other base layers, but I was looking for something more outer wear oriented. I began searching for what stores carried UA and plotting how I could acquire my goods. Yes, they have a great online shopping system, but we all know I’m weird and do not like to order clothing without seeing it.  To my excitement I found there was an entire store dedicated to Under Armour in MY AREA! Aurora Farms PremiumOutlets, which hopefully meant lower than department store pricing too.

Store front…thanks Facebook

Sadness fell upon the land when I learned the store would not open until May 19th. Then I became excited when I noticed the words: The first 100 customers get a free Under Armour Sack Pack filled with exclusive gear. Sorrow continued when I realized I was
scheduled to be out of town.

Long story short, due to dental work I couldn’t run this weekend and I remembered Saturday morning as I was feeling sorry for myself, I was now able to attend the opening! I made my way to the outlet mall and parked in the front where most of the other fitness related stores are located. BIG MISTAKE. Did anyone ever tell you about assuming? Yep, do not do it.

I walked all the way to the other side…which I was casually strolling, thinking to myself “They won’t open until 10 anyway”. Ugg MISTAKE #2. I arrived minutes before 10 and found myself in a massive line. I believe it extended beyond 3 other store fronts by the time I arrived and people were behind me too. Kudos to UA for having such awesome fans, but boo on my part for missing out on a goodie bag.

Standing in line…approaching the promised land


Window display had me imagining myself in a new wardrobe

Once inside and fully aware of my lack-of-bag situation, I made the most of the morning and went on a shopping spree! Along with checking out the new store of course.

This is only the female side of the store! SO BIG!


Walking around with the start of my collection

Everything was super easy to find and even with the massive crowd, it wasn’t hard to move around in the store either. Women had multiple children and strollers in there and it was still easy to move around. One thing I noticed the outlet is missing is a wide selection of bras. At the moment, they carry bras appropriate for either low impact sports or smaller chested ladies. Hopefully as seasons pass they’ll carry versions of what is new and hot and better suited for the gift of the girls.

My favorite thing about the setup were the inspirational quotes. Everything had a quote or a slogan, from the mirrors, to the walls, to the sock displays.


Eventually I made my way to the dressing room, where I snapped pictures of my first round of finds. First, a purple tech shirt (I have been wanting one forever, but nothing had been fitting). The one I’m wearing is not only a gorgeous color, it is made from recycle water bottles! How green, right?!

Read about the catalyst shirt on the official UA website, but here is a quote

Shortsleeve T-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles…& it’s our fastest drying shirt yet.


The UA Catalyst T fuses signature UA performance with advanced green technology into one tough T-shirt. Plastic bottles
are melted down and stretched into super-fine fibers that are used to
create our ultra-soft and durable Catalyst fabric. But the Women’s UA Catalyst T is more than just environmentally friendly—this T-shirt’s workout friendly too. It’s built with the same 4-way stretch, anti-odor technology, and temperature regulation as our other performance T-shirts, making it the ultimate gym bag essential.

I also found another purple shirt, this one cotton, but special performance cotton that dries 5x quicker than ordinary shirts!

Want to know the coolest part of the shirt? It’s a Youth XL. Haha. Yes everyone, it pays to be petite. The girls almost didn’t fit, but the inches I’ve lost on my waist and hips helped to seal the deal. All the gym time is why I needed all these clothes. I justified treating myself as a reward for doing so well the first 3 weeks.

When I went to the register to buy what amounted to 3 shirts, as I found another YXL in a pink/yellow stripe for $10 I was asked if I found everything and how I was doing. Standard cashier small talk. In my funny way I expressed how bummed I felt for missing out on the goodie bags, but I love the new store. The cashier informed me although I missed out on the goodie bags, the special promotion was good for all customers. Come again? Special promotion?

Apparently everyone who spends $100 would be given a $20 gift card toward a future purchase. Heck I was already at $50 so back into the store I went.

After another tour and contemplating my needs and wants, I added two more shirts and a set of socks to my treasure pile. The shirts are tech material, but cut as a “T-shirt”. I think they will make great gym shirts and weekend shirts. Since I honestly never know when a chance to be active will pop up so I like to dress the part. Throw a scarf around my neck in the fall and I have work shirt too!

Here is everything joining my happy UA family.

Congrats Under Armour on your new location. I know I sent several people your way via Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare this weekend. You are helping all of us define What’s Beautiful?


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