Week Two Reflections

Can you believe I have already started my THIRD week of the LifeStyle program? Man does the time fly!

For those just tuning in, you may want to read my post introducing the LifeStyle program.
Then feel free to read Week One Reflections


The second week of the program food-wise didn’t go as well for me as I had hoped. I found my work schedule was not conducive to the 2-3 hours of eating. If I didn’t eat my protein with my carb I would start to freak out or just decide not to eat it at all. There were several days I was embarrassed by my food log, not because I was eating “junk” food, no I am managing to stay away, but because I know “I should have done better”. Veggies were abundant and sugar was limited, but nearly everything I ate was frozen! That can’t be good, right? Another issue I have is hitting the 1700 calorie mark. I hate to say it, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. In all honesty, part of what we learned this week was about metabolism. Nearly EVERYONE needs at least 1200 cals a day for basic organ function. If you’re going fewer than 1200 for weight loss, you may lose weight, but it means some vital system is not working at 100%. Is it worth it? 1200 cals per day PLUS additional if you work out. No eating 1200 than exercising for 3 hours. I am beyond guilty of this crime. Throw away the key. I am famous for being under 1200 (not on purpose) and even more so for only eating 1.5 maybe 2 times per day. Essentially I’ve stalled my metabolism and have gone into starvation mode…need to fix that business ASAP.

The most challenging part of the week for me, was when I went out of town this last weekend. Eating on the road is not always a path to health and wellness. We did sit down to eat on the way there, and I was proud of myself for opting for the salad bar and loaded up on fresh goodies, but not on dressing. However, I was tempted by the $1 more slider mini hamburgers and caved. MUST LEARN MEAT IS NOT REQUIRED. Dinner was better, as I ate pizza, but it was not heavy sauce, had tomatoes and spinach and other yummy things of that sort, sans meat.


Working out was also not what I was planning based on how great the week before had gone. On Monday the pool was closed due to weather.  Tuesday my SI was still pinched so I took a rest day. Wednesday I was in a horrible mood and couldn’t bring myself to swim. Thursday I was too busy packing and planning and being a last minute trip coordinator after I left nutrition class. Friday I was in the car most of the day. But found ways to get my movement on…

Saturday I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K! 2+ hours of running/walking/obstacles and fun in the sun. Sunday Mom and sister and I took the pups on a few hikes, totaling about 3 miles. Sunday night was when my back FINALLY stopped feeling like death.

Here is the video of week two’s moves. I promise it is MUCH better than last weeks!

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