Week Three Reflections

Morning everyone! Time to once again reflect on all I have done while in my LifeStyle program. I have to say many of the things aren’t new or fancy or complicated. It is all things I know or could ask about or look up on-line. Really the thing I’m getting from my money is accountability. Oh and access to a steam room and sauna. Haha.

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I was much better this past week than week two. Part of me knows this is because things are becoming easier to judge and more routine. Another part of me thinks it’s hormonal and this was just a week easier to make “good” choices on impulse. Oh, and I’m getting better about planning ahead. When I went to the gym I packed snacks in my bag for after the workout! String cheese and an apple. Carbs, fiber, and protein. Lately I’ve had SO MANY string cheeses and apples, I think I might turn into one! Or have to change the name of this blog. Really though, that is OK because I like them. I’m even learning to like red delicious apples. GASP! Another food I find myself eating more of are bananas. Sure I ate them before, but I always said I hated their texture and they were not sweet enough. Well, week 1 class 1 the RD told us we will find our palates changing and fruit and other natural sources of sugar will become sweet again. Perhaps this is happening? I no longer have to choke down and force myself to eat a ‘nana

The banana makes Friendly’s a healthy option, right?

A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: Maybe a bowl of cereal (3g of fiber per serving or more) amazingly this is frosted mini wheats lately. Our RD told us to try this kind. Usually though, a banana and 2 mini bagels with PB

Morning snack: Apple with string cheese or apple with Chobani yogurt. Although I’m usually working and this gets delayed

Lunch: Any variety of food. Veggie based soups, pastas, sandwiches. I just try not to eat anything fast food, anything too processed and I load up to high heaven on the veggies

Afternoon snack : See morning snack if it was not consumed at the right time. Really the only time I repeat a snack are on workout days, then I make sure to consume within 30 minutes of completing my activity.

Dinner: Usually the same criteria as lunch. This is the meal I tend to not want to cook and will eat out though. Then I’ll do a grilled chicken sandwich, some type of healthy sub from Subway (eat fresh) or maybe a potato and chilli. Once or twice I simply had “breakfast food” and made cereal or eggs with veggies and bagels with PB.

I’ve been great about not snacking or eating too much sugar…and I realized in a convo with my personal intern (not really my personal intern) over the last few weeks I have had SO MUCH WATER and no other fluids. Never really was big on pop, but I was a juice drinker and sports drink user, and I’ve pretty much totally cut those out. Maybe over 3 weeks I’ve had 1 glass of OJ and 1-2 glasses or sports drinks. NICE!


This week’s moves were really hard to recreate at home. So the video is shorter.


We started with a round of hip adduction and abduction machines. You know the ones where they spread your legs apart or you push together? While two were on those machines the third had a BOSU on the round, flat side facing up. Place your hands near the edges of the flat surface, go into plank and lift your legs up behind you 1 at a time. 12 reps of the machines, 20 lifts (10 each side) for the plank/lifts. 3 sets.

Then we moved over to some other weights and machines. We used the lat pull down machine (12 reps), then hand held weights for lateral raises to the front and sides (10 reps each) and last but not least pushups. Only the twist to these pushups? Keep you elbows tucked in near your chest and make them go back instead of out to the sides MUCH harder. Do 12. Again 3 sets.

To wrap things up, get on your back for some ab work. Perform a flutter kick for 30 seconds, performs scissor kick for 30 seconds, then bicycle for 30 seconds. Do 2 rounds.


I’m finding the weights are getting easier for me each time and I even bumped up the weight from Monday to Wednesday. Guess what? I even found the start of a muscle in my arm. When I flex, a little mound appears and my arms dent in on the sides. Ohhh sexy time! And I decided to push the envelope Wed with the pushups. After my 3 rounds of 12 (36) I plopped down and did 14 “regular” pushups. Not consecutive, but it feels like I’m half way to my Under Armour goal!


I have been banned from using the scale. It isn’t really budging and I’m becoming noticeably upset so I was told I needed to break up with my scale until this is all said and done and possibly forever. <– That’s a LONG time. This week I listened and only used my tape measure. Results are good! I’ll list the progression from each “weigh-in”. I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist (awesome) and I’m working on my hips. They’re really the place I care weight a lot and it’s a struggle, but I’m getting there. LOVE to get ’em down to a 38 or 36 depending on what I lose up top. Would LOVE hourglass measurements. 36-24-36 anyone? I’m not 5’3″, but I am 5’1″ and that’s pretty darn close. Haha

Chest: 39, 38, 38
Waist: 35, 34, 33
Hips:  43, 42.5, 42.5


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