Week One Reflections

One week into my LiteStyle program and I have experienced a slew of advantages and honestly not too many set backs or negatives. The biggest thing I have noticed is an unbelievable increase in energy and alertness. There is not a day in the past week where I struggled to wake up or get out of bed.

Not a day when I physically felt it took hours to feel fully tuned into my day. The most amazing thing is the lack of naps or “needing” to take naps. Trust me, I tried. Friday I was awake until 11-12pm, set my alarm for 630, was awake and out of bed just before the alarm. I spent nearly an hour running on trails, followed by 3 hours of yoga. I made it home and wanted to enjoy a nap with the pup and the summer breeze, but as we lay there, I wasn’t tired. I couldn’t sleep. We (Emme and myself) got up and went for a walk instead. My life has become this situation where I feel as if I’ve had several cups of coffee, but someone turned off the jitters and paranoia. A girl could get accustomed to such a change. So could my friends and family as I have apparently been more pleasant and actually show up for things on time and not in a rush/panic.


What has been hard for me this past week? Having food ready when I need/want to eat. It is a challenge to have items prepared or to pick healthy on-the-go snacks. It’s also weird for me to carry food, but it’s something I need to do if I do not know for sure I’ll have access to “good” options.

What have I learned? I am working on my skills of pairing carbs with protein and eating as many veggies as my little heart desires. For example, when having a snack of celery I should pair it with PB or light cream cheese and some fruit (raisins, cranberries). Carbohydrates and protein work better together to give me my instant boost, and carry me through to my next feeding time. Haha apparently I’m a zoo animal? Really though, if I don’t have to measure or read too many labels I can get with this lifestyle change.  Another thing I learned is to eat every few hours, 2-3, and not to have massive meals. Bodies like slow constant fuel, forcing my blood sugar up and down too greatly will crash me out.

Also along the lines of label reading, when buying whole grain or multigrain or whatever is looking “healthy”, check the fiber content. If there is not AT LEAST 3g of fiber, it’s all a marketing ploy and it isn’t too much better for you.

Have I been perfect? No, of course not! I have eaten out a few times. Monday I hate a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Tuesday I had a “pizza” sub from Subway. Both of these items are on my list of approved meals, although I’m supposed to make them at home. Saturday I had a “Cinco de Mayo” party with Mr B and we hate a few nachos with cheese and salsa. We also had some cake vodka. Mind you I was kicking myself the whole time knowing it was going on my food log, but the reality is, I won’t go the rest of my life without holidays, or junk food, this isn’t about never touching those things again, it’s about touching them responsibly.

If you weren’t around last Friday, here is a recipe for Steamed Fettuccine Primavera, my favorite item I made from last week’s guide.


What has been hard for me this past week? Day one was really tough. I found myself worried about how I looked, if I was being happy enough and if my shirt would lift and show off my stomach. The second day I didn’t worry as much and started to get a feel for my little cohort’s personality. It’s hard to “find the time” to go more than 2x a week. Not because I’m so fabulous, but because I find other ways to work out. Running, biking, mainly cardio based working out. Then again that is what I knew the issue would be for me when I signed up for this program.

What have I learned? I learned my body is much more adaptable and consistent than I give it credit. On night #2 I swam for 30 minutes (1/2 mile) after the weight training and toning. I never would have thought I could give so much effort. Also, my trainer is there for me when I want to short change myself. When I tell her “I can’t” she’ll look at me and say “Are you sure?” and then makes me try anyway and EVERY TIME I’ve been able to actually do it! Imagine.

Have I been perfect? No, I probably could have given a bit more on week #1. I probably could have gone to the gym Friday night or over the weekend.

Results so far

Based on my measurements this morning, I have taken 1 inch from my middle. All other measurements have remained the same. I have also gained a pound, but I’m not worried, it may be water weight. My scale says I have 33% body fat (but I don’t know what it said a week ago, this may have stayed the same). As far as weight/strength results, on night #1 I could barely get through 6 chair dips before pausing. I don’t think I did my 3rdset of 12 at all. On night #2 I made it through 2 sets of 12 solid dips, and then on set #3 I paused at 9 or 10, but still got the other 2 accomplished. Rather quick turnaround if you ask me. My IT band did not hurt AT ALL this weekend. My speed was phenomenal during the race Saturday and I felt wonderful the whole time. My SI is hurting on the left, but that’s something we’re working through as it presents.

Looking forward to sharing more of my journey with everyone!

Here is a video I made of some of the moves we were doing last week for weight and strength training. Alert…my form is horrible, please don’t be mean. When I refer to upstairs and downstairs, we workout on two levels of the gym. Upstairs is the track and corners where you can use weights and mats. Downstairs is the main gym floor with full access to various weights and lots more space.

4 thoughts on “Week One Reflections

  1. Thank you for geting so personal with us. It is really motivating to know that other have the same struggles. I have been struggling with stress eating the past month. ugh! your so positive it is motivating me to get back on track.
    Julie you are gorgeous! and your sweet pup too.. keep up all of your hard word and again thank you sharing.

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