We Went to the Zoo!

The past 3 days have been a blur. On Saturday I woke with one mission…moving to self hosting. As you may or may not be able to tell, mission accomplished. It was a little more complicated than I expected and I had more hiccups than I am really willing to admit…but I did it on my own and for that I am endlessly proud. However, I clearly need to take the time to work on my graphics, because for me they’re not up to standard. Also, layout needs tweaked, I hate the black part of the pages menu. Basically I feel like I’ve gone from renting to owning and now I’m finding the right curtains and furniture.

BTW I may or may not have fixed my RSS feed, so hopefully I don’t lose or upset too many readers.

Aside from internet workings I caved and bought a new phone on Saturday. Apparently I had money for it? No, not really. However the HTC Incredible I was sporting for nearly 2 years “died” and by died I mean was only making calls and texting. Is this 2002? I don’t use my phone as a phone. I NEED to have my email and social media. 1) To be successful 2) To be entertained. As a county employee I can’t exactly be doing that on their computers…so I need my phone. Now I have a beautiful HTC Rezound and it’s magical. Not to mention according to Verizon, 3G is going down the toilet and they are not putting money into maintaining it.  Meaning, over the next few months coverage and service will blow…so anyone ready for an upgrade or looking for new service? Better get 4G if you know what’s good for you.

Sunday we went to the zoo, and walked around in the sun for 5+ hours looking at animals (many had babies) and doing general fun stuff. I started feeling funny later in the evening and by Monday I had full on flu like symptoms most of the day. What a cramp in my plans…but I bounced back. Here are many many photos of my trip…because you all have lots to catch up on right? So have another day before I throw information at you.


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